Have Moon Knight's Closing Credits Been Hiding A Secret In Plain Sight?

Spoilers for "Moon Knight" season 4 ahead.

In the latest Disney+ Marvel series, "Moon Knight," Oscar Isaac plays a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), splitting his mind into several distinct personalities. While the voice of the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu is an external force, the personalities of both Marc Spector and Steven Grant live inside of the same man. The series doesn't take too long to explore the terrifying reality of sharing your body with someone and not knowing what happened while out of control.

In the end credit sequence for the series, however, there's a pretty spectacular hint that there's more going on than Marc or Steven know about, and it's one that ties into the character's comic book origins.

Four sets of footprints

In the desert sands depicted during the end credits of "Moon Knight," there are several sets of footprints. One set splits halfway, going alongside a smaller set of prints that could be either Layla's or the bird form of Khonshu (they look like little bird feet to me). While one set veers off with the smaller footprints, the other one goes into the distance, where it splits a second time. If you look closely, you can see two sets of footprints going off around the dune, splitting once more after the initial departure. 

This could hint at the fact that Steven split off from Marc, who walks side-by-side with both Layla and Khonshu, though in very different ways. Steven then splits again, into whoever took over their body during the third episode and killed the two henchmen without Steven or Marc knowing how it happened. That personality is likely Jake Lockley, another of Marc's alters who isn't worried about getting his hands dirty. 

Episode 4 ends with Marc in a mental hospital of some kind, and it appears that all of the events we've seen so far were simply his delusions. The sets of footprints are an indicator that not only are Marc's experiences real, but the experiences of his alters are as well. It also hints at the inclusion of more of Jake, or even some of the other alters that Marc encounters in the comics, which is pretty exciting. 

With only two episodes left to go, it will be interesting to see if Steven and Marc get a chance to interact with Jake, or if he will be a mystery to be unlocked in a potential season 2. One thing's for certain: the more Isaac-on-Isaac action, the better. 

New episodes of "Moon Knight" premiere Wednesdays on Disney+.