Jamie Lee Curtis Teaming With Prime Video And Blumhouse For Maple Syrup Heist Series The Sticky

Jamie Lee Curtis and Blumhouse have had a wonderful professional relationship over the last few years, with Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode in David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's "Halloween" trilogy. Now, the notorious JLC is heading over toward the television wing of the house that Blum built, joining the cast of Blumhouse Television and Canada's Sphere Media's newest series "The Sticky" for Prime Video. Taking place in Quebec, "The Sticky" tells the story of the "Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist," which is a very real thing that happened and not a poorly written punchline from a children's joke book. The heist took place over the course of several months between 2011 and 2012, with nearly 3,000 tonnes of maple syrup, or over 70% of the global maple syrup supply, stolen. The heist was valued around $18 million (CAD) and was featured in the first season of the Netflix documentary series "Dirty Money."

The fictionalized series will center on a rough-and-tumble maple syrup farmer named Ruth Clarke, who is sick and tired of playing into the polite standards set by Canada's global reputation. When it looks as if the government is going to take away her farm, she joins forces with an aging mobster named Mike Byrne and hometown idiot Remy Bouchard to pull off the biggest heist in Canada's history. In real life, the heist was pulled off by a bunch of dudes looking to make a lot of cash, so the decision to focus on a down-on-their-luck farmer is exponentially more interesting.

That's a lot of syrup

Brian Donovan and Ed Herro, who wrote the pilot script, will executive produce and co-showrun "The Sticky" alongside Canadian co-showrunner and executive producer Kathryn Borel. "We are thrilled to be working with this incredible lineup of talent behind the scenes to bring this story to life," said Christina Wayne, head of Canadian Originals at Amazon Studios. "The Amazon Studios team in Canada couldn't resist these characters and a story centered around delicious stolen goods is perfect for our Prime Video audience." Jonathan Levine ("50/50," "Warm Bodies") has been tapped to direct and executive produce alongside Gillian Bohrer ("Nine Perfect Strangers") through Megamix. Jamie Lee Curtis has joined the team of executive producers through her Comic Pictures banner, with Josée Vallée and Bruno Dubé executive producing for Sphere Media Inc. Blumhouse Television producers for "The Sticky" include Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, and Jeremy Gold, with Russell Goldman associate producing for Comet Pictures.

As of now, there have been no casting announcements or additional details provided, but in a statement, Jamie Lee Curtis and Russell Goldman both expressed their excitement over the project. "When we read Ed and Brian's pilot, not only was the story so strange and delightful, the whole genesis of their series came from an older woman whose life is being ruined by bureaucratic men and her deciding to finally stop taking their s***," they said. "It's the beginning of a crime story that will make for funny and riveting television." No anticipated release date has been available, but production is scheduled to begin in the fall.