E.T. Star Dee Wallace Boards Rob Zombie's The Munsters

The Munster family just keeps growing. The latest update on the wholesome monster household on Mockingbird Lane comes courtesy of "The Munsters" director Rob Zombie. Via his Instagram, the filmmaker revealed that "E.T.: The Extraterrestrial" star and frequent Zombie collaborator Dee Wallace is on board for the new film.

Wallace has worked with the shock rock musician and horror filmmaker before, on films including "The Lords of Salem," "3 From Hell," and his 2007 take on "Halloween." She's also a certifiable scream queen, with horror roles dating back to 1975's "The Stepford Wives." Zombie's announcement was accompanied by photos from the pair's past collaborations, as well as a logo for the fictional program "Good Morning Transylvania."

Another Zombie alum joins the fun

Instagram has been the filmmaker's preferred medium for updates on the film as it edges closer to a probable 2022 release date, and this announcement is no exception. "Dee is the voice of GOOD MORNING TRANSYLVANIA!" the filmmaker revealed in a post, explaining that this is "Transylvania's 2nd favorite morning show...soon slipping to 3rd if they don't update their format." It sounds like Wallace may be taking on a sort of narrator-adjacent presence or talking head role for the family comedy, which Zombie has assured fans will be rated PG despite his historically documented love of hardcore horror.

The filmmaker has been dropping "The Munsters" casting news like Christopher Nolan's people making "Oppenheimer" announcements, building a robust slate of actors that so far includes "The Gifted" actor Jeff Daniel Phillips, "The Lords of Salem" star Sheri Moon Zombie, "3 From Hell" actor Daniel Roebuck, "Sanctuary" actor Richard Brake, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" actress Catherine Schell, "Doctor Who" star Sylvester McCoy, Elvira herself Cassandra Peterson, and "Lost" actor Jorge Garcia.

"The Munsters" seems to be growing beyond its 1960s sitcom source material in size and scope, introducing new characters like Peterson's real estate agent, Brake's Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, and Herman Munster's good pal Floop (Garcia). Zombie has also shared behind-the-scenes looks at the film's detailed sets, showcasing coffin bookshelves, bat-themed chairs, and haunted-looking dolls. The film's streaming rights will reportedly land on Peacock, and all of this creative investment makes me wonder if the streamer isn't gunning to open up the door to a new Munsters series or franchise.

Regardless, the cast and crew seem to have had a great time filming the project in Budapest. Last October, fans glimpsed their first look at the new Munster family, including Frankenstein's monster Herman (Phillips), vampire Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie), and equally undead Grandpa (Roebuck). Not only does it actually look fantastic, but it's also shot in a crisp black and white to match the original series.

The release date for "The Munsters" has not yet been announced, but it's set to debut in theaters and on Peacock.