Abbott Elementary And WBTV Partnering With Feeding America To Combat Food Insecurity

ABC's "Abbott Elementary" has already proven itself one of the best new comedies on TV this year, and now the school-set comedy is proving (again!) that it's also a force for good for real kids. Ahead of the show's season one finale on April 12, 2022, the series' distributor, Warner Bros. Television, is partnering with Feeding America to donate 150,000 meals.

This isn't the first time the "Abbott Elementary" team, led by series creator Quinta Brunson, has stepped up to help kids. Just last month, ABC and "Abbott Elementary" helped fund free book fairs for underfunded schools in partnership with Scholastic. The mockumentary comedy series stars Brunson as Janine, a teacher who's all about ensuring kids grow up with the tools they need for a good future. Clearly, the show's team is committed to that lesson off-screen as well.

Think outside the (lunch) box

The campaign, which is called "Think Outside The (Lunch) Box," also aims to raise awareness about food insecurity, an issue that impacts 12 million children in America annually according to Feeding America. Aside from the significant donation from WBTV, "Think Outside The (Lunch) Box" aims to encourage additional donations to the organization, with two prominent chefs, Eitan Bernath and Ahmad Alzahabi, taking to Instagram and TikTok to design creative lunchbox meals and speak about the realities of food insecurity.

"Think Outside The (Lunch) Box" begins today and will run through the end of the week, offering ample opportunities for "Abbott Elementary" fans to pay it forward by donating to Feeding America. The organization can apparently provide as many as 10 meals for every dollar donated thanks to a network of food banks helping support their cause.

Lauren Biedron, VP of Corporate Partnerships at Feeding America, thanked the show for its support, saying:

"Elevating the issue of food insecurity is essential in the fight to end hunger. We are grateful to Warner Bros. Television, ABC/Disney, and the Abbott Elementary team for joining us to help ensure that our neighbors facing hunger get the meals that they need."

As someone who has experienced food insecurity myself, I think this is a special and all-too-rare act of charity from an industry that often seems to pay lip service rather than taking direct action. "Abbott Elementary" has a sweet spirit and takes a thoughtful approach to the issues impacting kids today, so it's great to see the show's compassion translates to the real world as well. Luckily, the series has already been renewed for a second season, so Janine and her kooky coworkers aren't done inspiring us yet.

"Abbott Elementary" airs on ABC Tuesdays at 9/8c, with previous episodes available on Hulu. You can donate to Feeding America here.