Eddie Redmayne Spent Months Preparing For A Fantastic Beasts Scene We Never Saw

If you have even briefly used the internet in the last few weeks, you have no doubt seen pictures of Timothée Chalamet in his sinful Oscars red carpet attire of a Louis Vuitton sequined suit jacket worn without anything underneath. Gasp! Now, Chalamet is absolutely not the most buff actor in Hollywood, but somehow, this specific look on this specific man set the internet ablaze with excitement. I must admit that my initial reaction was one of total rejection, but the more I see the picture popping up on my Twitter feed, the more I become desensitized to the bare chest and subtle, silver necklace which may mean that actually, I love this Timmy look. I love it very much.

Not everyone can pull off such a brave style choice, though. You certainly have to have a certain "Je ne sais quoi" about you that deflects any and all of the haters while simultaneously drawing in the legions of people who will no doubt be making photos of you and your Bold Fashion Statement the lock screens on their phones. Timothée Chalamet definitely has this, but other famous Hollywood stars, like, say, Eddie Redmayne, are probably not quite ready to start going shirtless-in-a-sexy-way for the red carpet anytime soon. Still, that doesn't mean there aren't people that want it to happen. You see, it turns out that Redmayne, for all his charms, was apparently supposed to appear shirtless and buff in the very first "Fantastic Beasts" film, a decision that ultimately everyone decided the world just was not ready for.

No shirt, no scene, no problem

Perhaps the strangest thing about Eddie Redmayne's apparent shirtless scene in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them," is that it was insisted upon by none other than J.K. Rowling herself. In an exclusive interview for The Sun, Redmayne talks about how it was Rowling's idea for him to appear shirtless and swole, if you will.

"I had to flipping work out for seven months because there was a scene — which is tragically no longer in the film — in which Jo was like, 'I want you take off his tarp and see that he has been bitten and has all these war wounds and, even though he looks like this, is actually ripped.'"

Poor Redmayne was most likely subjected to a rigorous workout routine for months simply because Rowling seems to have had some weird desire to have him shirtless on camera, only to have the scene ultimately cut from the final version. Redmayne doesn't seem to mind that it got cut, though, telling The Sun, "I did months and months of training and now it's cut from the film, which is probably a better thing for the world."

If you're a major fan of Redmayne, you might not agree with him on that last part, but until he, too, shows up to a red carpet event donning a suit without a shirt, we may never know.