Curb Your Enthusiasm Renewed For Season 12

There's no need to curb your enthusiasm for Larry David, because season 12 of his comedy series is coming to HBO. After ending with a hilarious season 11 in December 2021, the series will be back for yet another season of deadpan humor, societal woes, and everyone's favorite old man who shakes his fist at clouds. According to Deadline, David confirmed that the series will return, though there weren't many more details beyond that.

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" has been on the air sporadically since 2000 and has always had a home at HBO. The longest gap was between seasons 8 and 9, ending in 2011 and not returning until 2017, but thankfully, we're not going to have to wait that long for more "Curb." 

More laughs, more guest stars

Deadline confirmed season 12 with David himself at a TV Academy event at the Directors Guild of America, and he also confirmed that he would be willing to do more seasons after that. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has had a unique run, sometimes going years between seasons, so it's exciting that season 12 is coming in such short order. 

Season 11 of "Curb" followed the fictionalized version of David as he tried to contend with the fact that his backyard pool didn't have a five-foot-tall fence. Larry, being Larry, fought against the idea of a homeowners association controlling his backyard, but then a burglar drowns in his pool and he is threatened with a lawsuit. Instead of dealing with the suit, he hires the dead burglar's niece to star in his new television series, "Young Larry." Meanwhile, he starts dating local Santa Monica councilwoman Irma Kostroski (Tracey Ullman) to try and get her to overturn the fence ordinance even though he isn't attracted to her in the least. It all goes about as well as you'd expect, with plenty of cringe-inducing moments. The season also featured a number of incredible cameos and recurring guest appearances, including ones by Bill Hader, Jon Hamm, Vince Vaughan, Richard Kind, Richard Lewis, Seth Rogen, Patton Oswalt, Woody Harrelson, Kaley Cuoco, Lucy Liu, and Albert Brooks! There's no telling who will return for season 12, but there should be plenty of fresh funny faces.

The series is David's baby and he can make new seasons whenever he chooses. The funnyman also created the hit series "Seinfeld," and it's not likely that HBO is going to let him go anytime soon. As long as David wants to make "Curb," there will be "Curb."