Chucky Season 2 Will See The Return Of Jennifer Tilly

If you were worried that your favorite weirdly sexy lady doll wouldn't be returning to the "Chucky" television series, then I have some news that's absolutely going to sooth your anxiety, melt your worries, and make your day. That's right, Jennifer Tilly is coming back for season 2, which all but guarantees things will stay as delightfully unhinged and amusingly menacing as we've come to expect from the extended "Child's Play" universe. Horror is filled with stories and characters that refuse to die and I'm glad Chucky and his pals are one of them — they occupy a unique niche and the genre wouldn't be the same without them.

And yet, her return isn't much of a surprise. Tilly popped up in her iconic role as Tiffany Valentine multiple times throughout the first season, which saw our favorite murder doll become acquired by and goad on Jake Wheeler, a bullied teen who isn't entirely opposed to a little bit of murder and mayhem himself. With the first season ending on a cliff hanging involving Tiffany, it seemed likely that she'd be returning for round two. Still, it's nice to know that the band is staying together, especially since "Chucky" has already felt like a return to form in so many ways.

What's next for our favorite murder dolls?

Although, that probably means things are about to change. Once you feel like you've got a hand on the "Chucky" franchise, creator and writer Don Mancini steps in and shakes things up. Throughout Chucky's long lifetime, he's gone from truly threatening to hilarious and then back to threatening again. Not every incarnation and iteration has worked, but it's all a part of the cocktail that is Chucky. You laugh, you flinch, and then you have very real feeling nightmares about the American Girl dolls that are still somewhere in your parent's house (which I realize is both a flex and a weird thing to say on my end).

As always, it'll be interesting see where Mancini takes Chucky and Tiffany this time. The details about season 2 are scant, and there's no word on where Mancini will be taking this specific "Chucky" story next, but we do know that it will premiere at some point in the fall on the USA Network and Syfy, most likely in October. After all, it wouldn't be Halloween without your favorite good guy doll. It's just one of those franchises that really helps set the spooky mood.