Spider-Man Star Jacob Batalon's Syfy Show, Reginald The Vampire, Is Now Set To Stream On Hulu And Amazon

"Reginald the Vampire," the upcoming Syfy dramedy series starring Jacob Batalon of "Spider-Man" movie fame, has found its streaming home. Two of them, actually. The 10-episode series, based on the book "Fat Vampire" by Johnny B. Truant, is gearing up for a summer debut and is reportedly wrapping production on its first season this week. Now, we have a better idea of where cord-cutters, re-watchers, vampire hunters, or just busy people who can't catch the show when it first airs on TV, will be able to see it.

Variety reports that Hulu "has acquired second-window U.S. rights" to "Reginald the Vampire," meaning you'll be able to stream it there eventually after it broadcasts on the Syfy network on television. Amazon, meanwhile, has scooped up the rights for the series in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, so if you live in one of those countries, it will be your streaming destination for "Reginald the Vampire."

Cineflix Rights acts as the show's international distributor and is bringing it to MipTV's 59th Spring International Television Market in Cannes, Frances, early next month, where it will continue to shop the series around for more global partners. Batalon serves as a co-executive producer on "Reginald the Vampire," which hails from showrunner Harley Peyton. The first season will have episodes directed by Jeremiah Chechik, David Frazee, Lee Rose, and Siobhan Devine.

The guy in the coffin

"Reginald Baskin, not remotely a religious man, closed his eyes in his small cubicle and asked God for his money back."

This is the start of "Fat Vampire," which sounds a little less fat-shaming with its new TV title. Reginald wants to report God to the Better Business Bureau because he feels like he was a victim of false advertising. He survived high school, only to realize that people in the real world were not any kinder or less bullying.

Since it's the Year of the Vampire, and I'm a sucker (not to be confused with a bloodsucker) for anything Nosferatu-related, I listened to the "Fat Vampire" audiobook last year after we first reported on this show's development. In some ways, the book reminded me of FX's "What We Do in the Shadows." Instead of the energy vampire, Colin Robinson, roaming his office floor, draining life from people through boring conversations, you've got Reginald in his cubicle, fending off the whoopee-cushion pranks of his fit coworkers. There's even a Vampire Council that gets involved, putting our hero on trial for his life, similar to what happened with the vampires on the FX show.

In the world of "Fat Vampire," people have to undergo rigorous physical training before they turn into bloodsuckers, since they'll be stuck in whatever body they have for life (or un-death). Reginald upends everything when he becomes a vampire without any training. He's overweight, has no luck with attacking humans on the street, and is never going to match the Vampire Council's notion of the ideal physique. But with any luck, he'll be able to get by with a little help from his friends.

Truant has written a whole series of six books so there's seemingly no shortage of material when it comes to "Fat Vampire." For his part, Batalon has gained a new level of mega-exposure via "Spider-Man: No Way Home," which is now one of the highest-grossing films of all time. Tom Holland has had movies like "Uncharted" and Zendaya has had HBO's "Euphoria," so it's probably high time that Batalon, known for playing Spider-Man's "guy in the chair," Ned Leeds, got to headline his own project.

You'll be able to see Batalon as a guy in a cubicle, and perhaps coffin, when "Reginald the Vampire" comes to Syfy and later Hulu/Amazon.