Sketchbook Trailer: Art Class Never Looked So Good

The latest premiere offering from Disney+ kind of feels like something you would find in YouTube's VIP room, but if you love learning and sumptuous cinematography, then I have no doubt that "Sketchbook" will reel you in hook, line, sinker. The show, which had its first trailer drop today, seems to serve as both a behind-the-scenes documentary and a premium art lesson from some of the best animators in the game. Lest you think Disney is satisfied with killing only two birds with one stone, worry not, "Sketchbook" is also a very specific kind of Disney advertisement, one that serves to help you forget that it is a giant media corporation.

Maybe that's a pessimistic reaction to a limited series that looks so beautiful and seems to be so lovingly made. Maybe the six-episode show hasn't been crafted with the goal of making sure Disney stays feeling fun and approachable, I just find it interesting that the trailer starts off with the line, "A lot of people think there's this big machine behind these movies, it's actually this very intimate process ..." Both of those things can certainly be true, creation can be very intimate, but you can't deny that these movies are also fueled by the large teams and the cash flow of one of the worlds biggest media companies. It's also completely possible that this line has been taken out of context, but it was certainly a striking way to start the trailer.

Getting sketchy

Beyond that interesting moment, the show looks as lovely as you can imagine. The series is produced by Supper Club, the team behind the elegant Netflix series "Chef's Table." If you want to make a sweet, lighthearted, and striking behind-the-scenes series, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better team. Although, "Sketchbook" goes beyond the documentary style of "Chef's Table" and serves as an instructional series that will also teach you how to draw some beloved Disney characters, including Captain Hook from "Peter Pan," Genie from "Aladdin," Simba from "The Lion King," Kuzco from "Emperor's New Groove," Olaf from "Frozen," and Mirabel from "Encanto."

So if you're looking to learn and create at the same time, to pick up some skills from the masters, take a peek into what it's really like to work for the Mouse, and maybe even up your own art game, you might want to start making some plans. Gather your supplies, sharpen your pencils and get ready to put your eraser to work when "Sketchbook" officially drops on Disney+ on April 27, 2022.