Ted Lasso Season 3 Has Begun Filming In London — Cup Of Tea, Anyone?

That's right, your favorite feel-good football show will be coming back for third season ... But considering the hype around the Apple TV+ series "Ted Lasso," we pretty much already knew that. The show was renewed for a third season before its second season even started streaming, but now that filming has officially kicked off in London, it feels so much more real. You can practically smell those pink box cookies (read: biscuits) and feel the field (read: pitch) beneath your cleats (read: boots). We're going back to Richmond, baby.

While many fans (can I call them Ted Heads? Yeah, I didn't think so) have reacted to the news by excitedly posting about it on Twitter, there has to be a mix of bittersweet feelings blended into that emotional brew. According to Deadline, co-creators Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt originally pitched "Ted Lasso" was originally as a three-season show, and if that's still the case, this upcoming season would be its last. Producer and showrunner Bill Lawrence has tempered that idea recently, saying, "I would probably stay clean and say that even if 'Ted Lasso' goes on, the story the writing staff has been telling had a beginning, middle and end for the first three seasons ... And then it might veer off from that."

The diamond dogs are back in town

With no season 3 trailer yet and not much news from Apple about what the upcoming season of "Ted Lasso" will look like, it's nice to know at the very least that season 3 will bring a sense of closure to the story fans have been following since August 14, 2020. Even if that means possibly saying goodbye to a few of your favorite characters as their storylines come to a close (and not in the "Game of Thrones" way). We're all going to cry, but that's okay.

One sliver of official info we do have right now comes straight from Nike's twitter account, which celebrated the filming kick-off by teasing the new uniform (read: kit) the team will be wearing in the upcoming season. It's an up-close shot, but right above the "bantr" logo and between the Nike swoosh and the A.F.C. Richmond mascot is a sloppily embroidered "Believe." A charming reference to Lasso's homemade sign, which met its untimely end in the season 2 finale. You know a show is wholesome when one of its gut wrenching moments is when a DIY motivational poster gets destroyed. I mean, it's a metaphor, but still.

"Ted Lasso" has been an uplifting, positive balm for so many during the last few years that it will be hard to say goodbye. Here's hoping it packs a ton of fun and laughs to ease the (possible) pain.