Ted Lasso Season 3 Has Officially Started Production, Per Warner Bros. And Coach Beard

Omicron is on the rise, political divides run rampant through all the developed countries of the world, and mankind is constantly at each others' throats. What I'm saying is we need Ted Lasso now more than ever and thanks to a little heads up from Coach Beard himself, we know that production on "Ted Lasso" season 3 is officially underway.

Brendan Hunt shared an image on Instagram about a week ago showing himself and Jason Sudeikis boarding a small plane with the simple phrase "here we go." Now Warner Bros. has regramed the image, officially announcing that filming is now underway on the beloved show's third and final season. 

Season 3 Promises to Wrap Everything Up

There are a few things we know about this new season, like that it's the last season of the show (boo, hiss) and that all your favorite characters are coming back to wrap up their storylines. What will come of Rebecca and Sam? Will AFC Richmond come out on top or does winning not really matter as long as the characters are content and at peace? Will Roy Kent continue to be his grumpy, big-hearted self? And what about Nate the Great? What the hell's his deal anyway?

I guess all that will come in good time, but it's good to know the ball's rolling on the season. Well begun is half done, as Mary Poppins would say, and like I said at the beginning of this piece the world needs Ted Lasso right now. There's something about his positivity and the strength he finds in vulnerability that's just comfort food for the soul. Ted's leadership style embraces kindness, an antidote to the alpha male main character that is more typical in sports stories like this.

In the show, his unflagging positivity rubs off on everybody around him. Ted Lasso, the character, is making his world a little bit better one changed heart at a time, and the optimist in me believes that the show has a similar effect on its viewers. I love a dour, cynical gut-punch series as much as the next nerd, but it's a rare show that can inspire the best in humanity. "Ted Lasso" is such a show, and if the creative team nails the landing on this third and final season then they will have pulled off a small miracle. One even more impressive than AFC Richmond actually pulling out a winning season, and that's saying something.