God Of War Live Action TV Series Will Slay Deities At Amazon Prime Video

Yet another marquee video game franchise is getting the live-action treatment thanks to streaming services that are in desperate need of keeping subscribers happy. This time, it's none other than "God of War," with Amazon Prime Video poised to bring the wildly popular series of games to life in a TV series, rather than a movie, which has been put forth at various points in the past.

According to Deadline, Amazon is currently in talks for a live-action "God of War" series but has not yet finalized said deal. Should things move forward, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby ("The Expanse") are said to be on board to develop the project alongside Rafe Judkins ("Wheel of Time"). Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions would produce the show along with Amazon Studios. No word yet on casting or anything remotely detailed (which makes sense given that deals haven't even formally closed yet), but this does seem to be headed in the right direction.

The "God of War" franchise is expansive, currently consisting of seven games that date back to 2005. The series centers on a warrior named Kratos and his violent mythological adventures as he declares war on the pantheon of gods that destroyed his life (Greek at first, and Norse in the more recent games). A new game, "God of War: Ragnarok," is set to arrive later this year for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. So Amazon has an awful lot of source material to work with for a series.

Video games are the future

This is just the latest in a long line of big-budget video game adaptations that have been snapped up by streaming services. With so many other big franchises tied up at major studios, video games seem to be the best place to grab rights to IP that can bring in a big audience. "Halo" is happening at Paramount+, "Bioshock" is finally getting made at Netflix, "The Last Of Us" is coming to HBO, and Peacock recently landed the "Twisted Metal" TV series. The list goes on.

Amazon, in particular, has been going pretty hard in this arena, as they already have a "Fallout" TV show starring Walton Goggins in the works. The company is also working on a "Mass Effect" series, which will give them three huge video game franchises with a lot of potential. 

It's easy to see why "God of War" was eyed as a movie for so long, as it does seem extremely cinematic. Will it be done a disservice on the small screen? It's way too early to say, but that is certainly a thought that comes to mind. Now, it's a matter of casting the perfect Kratos. Someone tell Dave Bautista to keep his phone on.