One Of The Batman Spin-Off Series Will Connect To Arkham Asylum

The world of "The Batman" is growing, with HBO Max carving a "Batverse" out of director Matt Reeves' film in order to flesh out this new iteration of the Caped Crusader and the Gotham City he swore to protect.

For the first time, a Batman film will actually have the time to explore the intricate lives of the people of Gotham beyond the nearly three hours of runtime we get with this movie. Right now, there is a spin-off series centering on the Gotham City Police Department (though it will not adapt the celebrated "Gotham Central" comics), another one focusing on Penguin's rise to power, and even an animated one from Bruce Timm. Now we have our first bit of information about a spin-off that Reeves teases will connect to one of the most iconic landmarks in the Batman mythos — Arkham Asylum.

It's a madhouse

In an interview with the Toronto Sun (via CBR), director Matt Reeves confirmed that "We're doing [The Penguin series] and we're doing another series that connects to Arkham [Asylum]." Now, what's interesting is that he doesn't specify whether this is the CGPD show that will have a connection to the Arkham location — which makes sense since that's where most of the big villains end up — or an entirely different series specifically centered around Arhkam. 

While both possibilities are equally intriguing and valid, the latter makes the most sense to this particular take on the Bat-mythos. Reeves' "The Batman" dives into the past of Gotham City, and it presents both the Waynes and the Arkham family (after whom the asylum is named) as Gotham royalty. They are more than just families, they're dynasties, the Gotham equivalent of the Kennedys or the Roosevelts. If you want to read more about how "The Batman" builds on the legacy of the iconic location and the family that built it, you can head right over here, but be warned that we go into spoiler territory.

Arkham Asylum didn't debut in the comics until 1974, but it quickly became a name and a location as iconic as Wayne Manor itself. Arkham is also one of the biggest pieces of social commentary in the Batman mythos, serving as an indictment of the we treat mental illness in the U.S. One of the best live-action portrayals of Arkham was in the criminally underrated TV show "Gotham," which already showed how you can make a compelling Batman show without the famous vigilante. The prequel series focused on the Gotham PD, following a young Jim Gordon as he faced the rise of superpowered villains in Gotham, all while also battling corruption in the city. "Gotham" also had arguably the most bizarre Jokers (yes, plural) ever put on screen, and it simply must be seen to be believed.

If Matt Reeves manages to capture even 1% of the insane creativity of "Gotham," then we're in for a wildly entertaining ride. While we wait for more details on the many HBO Max spin-off series, you can catch "The Batman" in theaters now.