1883 Creator Taylor Sheridan Says The Show Is 'Close Ended,' So Don't Expect To See More

In case you're expecting a continuation of the Dutton clan saga after the events of "1883," don't. Taylor Sheridan — creator of both "Yellowstone" and "1883" — has no intentions of expanding the Dutton storyline via a second season of the show, as per a report by Deadline. "1883" is a 10-episode unraveling, continuing the tale of how the Duttons came to own the land that would eventually be known as the Yellowstone Ranch. This, of course, warranted a temporal narrative shift, as the central narrative establishes an earlier generation of the family on a journey from Fort Worth, Texas to Montana.

'One specific journey'

Considering the way in which the plot of "1883" develops, the show is less of a spin-off, and more of a comprehensive tale in its own right, while possessing common threads with "Yellowstone" (and containing lots of Easter eggs for "Yellowstone" fans). "Yellowstone" revolves around the inner workings of the eponymous ranch and the family drama encircling it, along with the events that take place in the bordering Brocken Rock Indian Reservation. Although watching "Yellowstone" prior to "1883" can help hardcore fans connect the dots, casual viewers will be able to appreciate "1883" as an independent story, as a whole.

While there had been much speculation about the continuation of "1883" via a second season, Sheridan has stated that this is not the case, as the show is "close-ended" and meant to be "one specific journey:"

"I created this peek through time to show you this one specific journey. I'm not someone who likes to tie everything up in a bow and explain how everyone lived happily after, or didn't. I'd rather you imagine it and wonder what Thomas and Noemi made of their lives. You never get to see how James and Margaret move on. You did see them in a flashback as having moved on, and so that's what I cared to explore. I also wanted to create something you could watch and be completely enthralled and fulfilled, having never seen Yellowstone. Let it live on its own merits. I like that model. For me, as a storyteller it feels close ended. I'm going to peek through the window of a different era and see what I see then."

While Sheridan makes it clear that "1883" as a narrative has been done and dusted, there's no reason to fret, as fans can catch up with a new generation in the Dutton family line in the upcoming sequel series, "1932." Details about this new show are scant as of the moment, save for the fact that it will follow "a new generation of Duttons during the time of western expansion, Prohibition and the Great Depression" (via The Hollywood Reporter). Sheridan shared the following sentiments about the series :

"[The show is] a peek through a different window into a different era. Again, I don't think of any of these as spinoffs, but rather as complete stories that have common roots. My goal with the next one would be that you could never have seen 1883 or Yellowstone, and still have a fully realized experience as a viewer."

Paramount+ is yet to reveal an official cast or release date for "1932."