Jamie Dornan Doesn't Care If He Plays A Hero Or Villain In The MCU, But 'They'd Need To Come To Me First' [Exclusive]

Everyone wants to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I mean, I guess there might be a few exceptions, but it is a pretty juicy gig. Even Jamie Dornan ("Belfast," "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy) wouldn't say no to the right role. Our own Ben Pearson spoke to Dornan during the promotional tour for the upcoming HBO Max series "The Tourist" (full interview coming to /Film next week), and mentioned the reports that Dornan has met with Marvel President Kevin Feige. (By the way, if we ever develop human cloning, it will be because there aren't enough Kevin Feiges to give us all the movies we want. Work faster, science!) 

So, does Dornan have a part? Well, of course he couldn't tell us that or Dormammu will get him, but Ben did ask him about whether he'd want to play a villain or a hero if he did end up joining the MCU. Dornan told /Film:

"I'm not sure. I have to say, about that — someone mentioned Kevin Feige's name, and I went, 'Yeah, I've met Kevin Feige.' But I didn't mean that I'd met him recently. I just meant that I'd met him and sat down and talked about all things Marvel. But it's been a minute. If the role's cool and it shakes your boat in the right way, I don't think it matters whether they're a good person or a bad person. I've played good people and evil people in my career so far, so whatever I'm drawn to. But they need to come to me first [laughs]."

Who would you want to see Dornan play?

Did you hear that, Marvel? Mr. Feige? When you get a chance ... Pearson mentioned the possibility of Dornan maybe playing Scott Summers/Cyclops, and really, there are a host of X-Men roles that he could play. Heck, I'd even buy him as Gambit (though I'm still sad that Channing Tatum didn't get his movie). Captain Britain was also mentioned, and I'd be on board for that as well. 

For my money though, I'd cast Dornan as Banshee. I mean, he's Irish. It's sort of perfect. He could certainly play Reed Richards, though I hope it's true that John Krasinski is playing the role. I also really like the idea of Dornan playing James Hudson, aka Guardian/Weapon Alpha/Vindicator, from the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight. Even Silver Surfer would be a great role for him. 

What role in the MCU would you like to see Dornan play if Feige does come to him? Let us know @slashfilm!