Samuel L. Jackson Had A Perfectly Samuel L. Jackson Inscription On His Star Wars Lightsaber

It's no secret that Samuel L. Jackson has a type. When you walk into a movie starring the veteran actor you already have certain expectations about his character: a daredevil charisma, steely persona, and an abundance of endlessly quotable, expletive-driven rants (unless you're watching "The Incredibles"). Whether it's bringing to life spy Nick Fury in the MCU or Jedi Master Mace Windu in the "Star Wars" prequels the veteran actor is often typecast as the resident badass of whatever film he is in. It doesn't matter how big his role is or if he's chasing snakes off planes or getting munched by sharks in the deep blue sea. Jackson has proved to be the literal avatar of badassery over the course of his career. 

But as if that's not enough, two of the characters the actor has played also carried objects inscribed with a phrase that adequately sums up their intimidating demeanors.

Mace Windu aka another 'BMF'

At the end of "Pulp Fiction," Jackson's hitman Jules Winnfield has his wallet stolen by two up-and-coming criminals. And the wallet, inscribed with a two-word reminder of its owner's malignant nature, is the source of one of the film's many indelible deliveries by Jackson. When asked which wallet is his, Jules replies, oh so coolly: "It's the one that says bad mother f***** on it." True to his word, when the camera cuts to a shot of the wallet there are the words inscribed in thick black letters.

It's a moment so quintessentially Samuel L. Jackson it's should come as no surprise it's not the only prop that's been inscribed with the phrase or at least a version of it. While on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" the actor revealed Mace Windu also had a similar reminder on his lightsaber as well.

Turns out the prop department decided to have some fun and tip their hat to Jackson's "Pulp Fiction" role, inscribing the button on his one-of-a-kind purple lightsaber with the acronym "BMF."

It's not like we needed proof the Jedi Master was one of the galaxy far, far away's many badasses but a little personalization never hurts — just ask Jules. After all, if Mace Windu ever does return to the "Star Wars" universe he'll have to go on a bit of a hunt to find his lightsaber, which took quite the tumble along with him and his hand in "Revenge of the Sith." But hey, if that means we get to see a Mace Windu version of the Jules-wallet-diner scene where he tells whatever poor soul has his lightsaber, "It's the one with BMF" on the button, then it'll have all been worth it in the end.

Why Jackson got his purple lightsaber

That inscription isn't the only reason Windu's lightsaber stands out. After all, he's the only Jedi ever seen in the "Star Wars" universe to wield a purple-colored lightsaber — rarity that's never addressed but collectively assumed to be just another stamp of badassery every single one of Jackson's characters appears blessed with. However, as reported by ScreenCrush, when the actor appeared on "The Graham Norton Show," he candidly revealed the origins of his purple blade.

"We had this big arena, this fight scene with all these Jedi and they're fightin' or whatever. And I was like, well s***, I wanna be able to find myself in this big ol' scene. So I said to George, "You think maybe I can get a purple lightsaber?"

Jackson is of course referring to "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones" and his character's appearance in the arena on Geonosis. It's a great scene that only further establishes Windu's image as the Jules Winnfield of Jedi — but it's also the first time audiences saw him activate his blade. And up until reshoots, Lucas was coy about giving Jackson the color he wanted.

"When I came back to do reshoots, [Lucas] said, 'I want to show you something, this has already caused a s— storm online.' And he had the purple lightsaber! And I was like yeah! And so I could find myself in that big fight scene. There's like 300 lightsabers, and I'm like, 'There I am, right there.'"

It's absolutely hilarious that the reason Jackson wanted a purple lightsaber was so he could spot himself; though he's absolutely right about some of the wide shots in that scene being just a sea of waving blue and green blades. But the irony of Lucas pointing to fan backlash as his reason for not wanting to give Jackson his beloved purple lightsaber is even funnier. Everything is a potential schism in the "Star Wars" fandom and we're glad Lucas didn't buckle under any online pressure. Just imagining Windu with a blue or green saber is depressing enough.

All the lightsaber colors

When Jackson first asked Lucas about the possibility of getting a purple lightsaber, the "Star Wars" creator gave the actor a brief introductory course on who gets what colors. Jedi were blue and green; Sith lightsabers were red. For the most casual of fans, this holds up but there are other colors. Yellow blades have made appearances as well, most significantly being the color that Rey wielded and the same used by guards of the Jedi Temple. White is also a possibility, although a newer addition as it's the shade of Ahsoka Tano's dual blades — something fans got a treat seeing in live-action during "The Mandalorian."

And though Jackson might have the only purple one that doesn't mean there are blades just as rare. Another type of saber that's appeared quite a bit across a variety of "Star Wars" shows is that of the black-bladed Darksaber: a terrifying weapon that's been wielded by everyone from Darth Maul to Moff Gideon, as well as everyone's favorite Mando, Din Djarin. Given how extensive the list is on lightsaber colors, it's no wonder Lucas found room to give Jackson what he wanted. Though you have to wonder if it's emboldened every actor playing a Jedi to ask for their favorite color.