WeCrashed Trailer: Anne Hathaway And Jared Leto Star As The Crazy Power Couple Behind WeWork

Another day, another streaming drama based on a podcast about con artists. Like the many others slated to hit our screens this year, "WeCrashed" tells the story of a startup built on greed, egos, and duped investors. But don't let the cynicism fool you, because this tale has the ooey-gooey center of a love story, starring Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto as the power-couple who brought WeWork to great highs before its memorable descent. The upcoming series from AppleTV+ takes its story from the hit Wondery podcast "WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork," retelling the tumultuous saga in eight episodes. Up to this point, we've been privy to quick glimpses and teasers, but the latest trailer for "WeCrashed" offers an in-depth look at the series to come, including lots of distressed looks and #girlbossified outfits from Anne Hathaway's Rebekah Neumann and yes, more accent work from Jared Leto as Adam Neumann.

WeCrashed trailer

Per the official description, "WeCrashed is inspired by actual events—and the love story at the center of it all. WeWork grew from a single coworking space into a global brand worth $47 billion in under a decade. Then, in less than a year, its value plummeted. What happened?" The series from Lee Eisenberg ("Good Boys") and Drew Crevello sets out to answer this question. The duo serves as writers, executive producers, and showrunners, with episodes directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra ("This is Us," "Crazy, Stupid, Love"), who also serve as executive producers.

In case you missed the story, WeWork began its rise to fame in 2010 as a startup that promised to reimagine the workplace as a place of empowerment. The company provided flexible shared office spaces, both physical and virtual, made billions very quickly, and inspired a cult-like following. Evidently, people take their desks very seriously. The insanity of this wasn't lost on the public for very long — and the upcoming series certainly knows it, with one worker incredulously exclaiming, "We lease office space, then we act like we're changing the world." 

But power couple Rebekah and Adam Neumann had high hopes for their company, believing themselves on the brink of making history. As it turns out, CEO Adam Neumann was better at talking up the company than he was at running it. As much as their charisma and determination got the company to its highs, their mistakes kickstarted its descent. So who better to guide us through the chaos than two Academy Award winners?

Leto may not be reprising the role of Dr. Michael Morbius, but he's definitely tapping into a similar vein of creepy as the charismatic CEO. It's not hard to see the cult-following pick up from here, especially since his hair and demeanor are very Jesus-inspired. Meanwhile, Hathaway is going full Lady Macbeth, whispering in his ear or offering harsh words of encouragement. Together they won't exactly tell a traditional love story, but their 'romance' will certainly be memorable. Kyle Marvin, America Ferrera, and O-T Fagbenle star in the series alongside Leto and Hathaway.

"WeCrashed” premieres globally on Apple TV+ with the first three episodes on March 18, 2022, followed by weekly installments each Friday through April 22, 2022.