Owen Wilson Is Coming Back For Loki Season 2

"Loki" fans rejoice: Owen Wilson will be returning for season 2 of Marvel's "Loki" series on Disney+. Wilson himself confirmed the news in a recent "Autocomplete" video interview with WIRED, during which the star answered the internet's most burning questions about himself. You can check out the full video below. In it, Wilson responds to a variety of inquiries, but the most important question of all — "Is Owen Wilson coming back to Loki?" — is addressed at the 3:35 timestamp.

More Mobius

In the first season of "Loki," Wilson played the character Mobius M. Mobius — the "M." also stands for Mobius — a happy and productive member of the Time Variance Authority. In the season 1 finale, viewers may recall that Mobius no longer recognizes Loki, as the structural organization of both the Time Variance Authority and the universe has been altered thanks to Sylvie's actions. Even though Mobius doesn't seem to have any recollection of his interactions with Loki, there's a good chance they'll be getting reacquainted in "Loki" season 2 ... provided his role in the story isn't severely diminished due to some sort of screwed up multiverse madness.

In "Loki" season 1, fans enjoyed seeing the dynamic between the relatively straight-laced TVA agent and the trickster god, so it would be a shame to potentially lose out on that in season 2. Additionally, there's the fact that we learned most of the TVA agents are actually brainwashed variants themselves, opening up the possibility of Mobius finding out who he really was before he had his memory wiped and was made to work for the TVA.

Who Else Is Returning?

In addition to Wilson reprising his role as Mobius Mobius Mobius, we can also expect Tom Hiddleston to return as Loki since it would be pretty difficult to make "Loki" without the show's marvelously mischievous titular character. There still aren't many official cast confirmations concerning "Loki" season 2, but there's a good chance we'll see the return of many familiar faces and the addition of some new ones. As Wilson mentioned in his WIRED interview, filming for season 2 will begin "pretty soon," as in potentially this summer.

Although no official release date has been announced, it's likely that we'll be able to see just how much things have gotten out of control sometime in 2023.