Here's Our Best Look Yet At Oscar Isaac Suited Up As Marvel's Moon Knight

Marvel is about to go truly supernatural on us. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe started out with plausibly scientific (a phrase I use extremely loosely) explanations for superheroes and their powers: Thor and the Asgardians are merely aliens turned into human myth; Hulk was a super-soldier serum gone horribly wrong; Tony Stark was able to build his suits in a cave with a box of scraps, etc., etc. — but since then, to the franchise's credit, relatively grounded explanations have gone entirely out the window. Shang-Chi and his magical rings and the planet-dwarfing Celestials in "Eternals" helped usher in a whole new era of weird in the MCU, and that has every indication of continuing ... this time, on the streaming side of the franchise.

"Moon Knight" will introduce unsuspecting members of the general audience to one of the most fascinating and relatively lesser-known characters in all of Marvel Comics. Protagonist Marc Spector suffers from a case of dissociative identity disorder, which sets up one of Marvel's weirdest, darkest, and arguably most exciting Disney+ series yet. The chaotic first trailer for "Moon Knight gave us a more in-depth look at the caped superhero, but mostly withheld any major hero shots until the very end. Now, Empire Magazine has revealed a pair of new "Moon Knight"-themed covers for its upcoming April 2022 issue, giving us by far our best overview of the gorgeous suit and overall design. Check them out below!

New Moon Knight Images

Moon Knight's comprehensive (and sometimes convoluted) backstory hails all the way back to the days of Ancient Egypt, giving newcomers an idea of just what kind of style and aesthetic to expect from the character with such a distinctive persona. Thanks to Empire, we can now feast our eyes on two stunning magazine covers. The first immediately draws the eye to the mummy-inspired garb that Moon Knight dons at some point over the course of the series, beautifully translated from the pages of the comics into live action.

Fans will no doubt be thrilled to see such faithful touches as the glowing white eyes, the wrapped-together feel of the entire outfit, the hood and billowing cape, his crescent moon weapons (honestly, what else would a guy who goes around by the name of "Moon Knight" fight with?), and even some dried blood on his knuckles. Something tells us we're about to experience a Marvel character unlike any we've seen before in live action.

The second cover is Empire's subscribers' exclusive, illustrated by comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz, who has famously worked on "Moon Knight" comics in the past. This one eschews from the focus on detail from the first cover, taking a more abstract and spiritual approach to bringing the character's Egyptian roots to life, complete with a pharaoh hieroglyphic in the background of the artwork.

"Moon Knight" stars Oscar Isaac in the title role, along with acclaimed actor Ethan Hawke, Gaspard Ulliel (who tragically passed away recently), Lucy Thackeray, and May Calamawy. The series comes from showrunner Jeremy Slater ("The Umbrella Academy") and Egyptian director Mohammad Diab, who helmed four of the six total episodes. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead directed the other two.

"Moon Knight" will premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022. The April 2022 issue of Empire lands on shelves on February 17, and is available for pre-order now.