Creepshow, Bloodlands, Slasher, And Kin Have All Been Renewed

It's a great day to be a monster kid or a true crime fanatic because AMC Networks has announced that five of their original series have been given the go ahead for additional seasons. "Kin" season 2, "Bloodlands" season 3, "My Life Is Murder" season 3, "Creepshow" season 4, and "Slasher" season 5 will all be coming across the AMC Networks streaming services including AMC+ and Shudder. While not much is known about what the plots of "Kin," "Bloodlands," and "My Life Is Murder" will entail, AMC Networks graciously provided an update on their horror fare, "Slasher" and "Creepshow."

The fifth season of the horror anthology series "Slasher," titled "Slasher: Ripper," will feature Eric McCormack ("Will & Grace," "Travelers," "Perception") and will be set in the late 19th century to focus on a slasher known as The Widow, who serves as the inverse to the infamous Jack the Ripper. The Widow leaves the poor and full service sex workers alone, instead focusing their attention to enacting vigilante justice against the rich and powerful — like Robin Hood, but for murder. Now it's up to recently promoted detective Kenneth Rijkers to put an end to The Widow, but his unyielding quest for justice may become The Widow's next victim. McCormack will be playing a charming yet ruthless tycoon named Basil Garvey, so based on the killer's modus operandi, he's likely going to spend the season with a target on his back. #SlashTheRich.

Creepshow is Back, Baby!

The biggest excitement for horror fans comes with the renewal of Greg Nicotero's "Creepshow," the anthology horror series based on George Romero and Stephen King's classic of the same name in tribute to the quintessential EC Horror comics of the 1950s. The third season debuted in the fall of 2021, so the renewal announcement will hopefully satiate those craving more "Creepshow." AMC Networks/Shudder haven't yet confirmed how many episodes there will be in the fourth season, but it's likely going to be either 5-6 like the first three seasons, giving us 9-12 new segments to enjoy. In addition to a legend like Greg Nicotero, "Creepshow" has also become one hell of a platform to showcase the talents of some of the genre's best and brightest. David Bruckner, Rob Schrab, John Harrison, Josh Malerman, David J. Schow, David Bruckner, Roxanne Benjamin, Tom Savini, Joe Hill, Axelle Carolyn, Joe Lynch, Rusty Cundieff, Daniel Kraus, Mattie Do & Christopher Larsen, and even comedian Dana Gould have all previously provided segments. 

The beauty of "Creepshow" is that there's something for everyone across the spectrum of scares. Where something like "The House of the Head" segment will creep under your skin and give a serious case of the heebie-jeebies, something like "Public Television of the Dead" will immediately transport you to the Sam Raimi days of hilarious schlock horror. If you need me, I'll be counting down the days until we get the chance to reunite with The "Creepshow" Creep.