AMC's Orphan Black Sequel Series Lands Writer Anna Fishko

The "Orphan Black" sequel series has officially opened its writers' room, with Variety reporting that Anna Fishko has boarded the show as a writer and executive producer. The idea of an AMC "Orphan Black" continuation was first reported in 2019, though at this point very little is still known about the new series.

Fishko has worked as a story editor, producer, and writer on several series, most recently Netflix's "The Society." Fishko has also worked with AMC before, having written episodes of "Fear The Walking Dead," including the show's benchmark bottle episode "Laura." Fishko will also executive produce the new iteration of "Orphan Black," which is reportedly not a reboot. Boat Rocker Studios, which produced the original series, is on board for the new project as well.

The Orphan Black Universe Continues To Grow

Most revival TV shows have to justify their own existence in some way or another, but award-winning "Orphan Black" never completely ended after its season 5 finale in 2017. The series has actually continued on as an audio series since 2019. "Orphan Black: The Next Chapter" is an official podcast sequel set eight years after the show's ending.

The audio series stars Tatiana Maslany as the Project Leda clones, including protective mother Sarah, ruthless housewife Alison, crazed assassin Helena, and geeky queer scientist Cosima. Other major cast members, like Evelyne Brochu, Jordan Gavaris, and Kristian Bruun, have appeared on the show as well.

At this point, there's no word on whether the latest "Orphan Black" television project will pull from the podcast or do something else entirely. When the continuation TV series was first reported, it was described as a "completely new story set in the same world," meaning it may follow a secondary character or even an unrelated group of characters who have been impacted by the clone conspiracy that's central to "Orphan Black."

The fifth season finale of "Orphan Black" left plenty of room for new stories to flourish, especially when it comes to Cosima and Delphine (Brochu). The show ended with the couple setting out to track down all 274 Leda clones and cure them of their shared illness. Viewers can even glimpse some of the names and locations of other clones, who live everywhere from Greece to Argentina. Will the new series be a world-trekking adventure series led by Maslany and Brochu?

Since the official audio continuation of the series picks up eight years after the finale, there are plenty of places the new TV series can go while still working within the canon of both of the already-established stories. There is no set release date for the new series, but we'll keep you posted as the new series assembles its team.