New 'Orphan Black' Series In The Works At AMC, Set In Same Universe As The Original

Clone Club, unite. Orphan Black is coming back, but as a new AMC series. The network is reportedly developing a new Orphan Black series that will not be a spin-off or reboot, but a "new story" set in the same universe as the beloved BBC America sci-fi series.

Variety reports that a new series set in the Orphan Black universe is in the early development stages at AMC with Temple Street Productions, which produced the original series, onboard to produce. However, don't count on Tatiana Maslany to return and don another wig to play the 13th member of the Clone Club. This series will be a "completely new story set in the same world," not a spin-off or reboot.

The outlet reports that producers are currently seeking a writer for the project and are bringing in multiple people to pitch different takes on the show's premise. AMC did not comment on what that premise will be, but based on what the original BBC America show covered, it could be about the eugenics-experimenting Dyad Institute or their hyper-religious counterparts, the Proletheans. But the original Orphan Black series already did a pretty thorough job of covering the inner workings and vast conspiracies surrounding these two sinister organizations, so I wonder what else a new series could be about.

Then there's the issue of the starring cast. The show is nothing without Tatiana Maslany, who effortlessly played dozens of roles and deservedly won an Emmy for her work. Maslany's awe-inspiring turn as the multiple clones created by the Dyad Institute carried the show, and elevated it from its cable sci-fi foundations.

There's also the question of why AMC is developing this series rather than BBC America, which aired the original in the U.S. from 2013 to 2017. It appears that the cable channel is searching for another big genre hit as the hype around The Walking Dead fizzles, and Orphan Black's small but devout fanbase might be able to provide that. But it's also possible that the new series could air on multiple networks under the AMC Networks umbrella, like BBC America's acclaimed drama Killing Eve, whose second season will be simulcast on its original network as well as AMC.

We'll keep you updated on this new show as details emerge. Are you interested in a new Orphan Black series?