Fairview Trailer: Welcome To Fairview, A Place Of Freedom And Punching Stuff

When there's no more room in Hell, the IP will walk the earth. 

It's all about look-backs and revivals these days. The slasher subgenre is enjoying resurgences of its "Scream," "Texas Chainsaw," "Candyman," and "Halloween" franchises, while streaming services are banking on nostalgia with the '80s-stylized "Stranger Things" and a revival of the iconic "Unsolved Mysteries" docuseries. 

Now, Comedy Central has followed suit with orders for several adult animated series amid a production-slowing pandemic, mostly throwbacks to another era: a "Ren & Stimpy" reboot is still on the table without the original series creator John Kricfalusi; Beavis and Butt-Head are set to return with a space carved out at Comedy Central rather than MTV (both under the ViacomCBS umbrella); and the angsty '90s cartoon universe of MTV's "Daria" expands to bring forth "Jodie," starring Tracee Ellis Ross doing the voicework for the title role based on Daria's high school friend from the original series. 

Among the resurrections is Comedy Central's first new original animated series, the result of a 2020 charge by ViacomCBS to provide more adult animated content. It seems that "South Park" is such a money-maker that Comedy Central opted to construct an entire slate around it, beginning with the Stephen Colbert-backed series "Fairview" which is further executive produced by the same team that brought us Paramount+'s "Tooning Out the News" and Showtime's "Our Cartoon President." 

The premiere of its first eight-episode season will follow "South Park" on Comedy Central, February 9 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Watch the trailer below.

"I knew marrying my dead fiance's brother was the right call."

According to the trailer, the town of Fairview is an Everytown, USA kind of place; "If it's happening here, it's happening everywhere." Surely, your town's officials fix the town's problems with "lighthearted indecent exposure" as often as mine do. Mayor Kelly Sampson is simply trying her best — aren't we all? The large-scale issues plaguing the nation are refracted through the small-town beer-smeared lens of Fairview, and in between jerkoff seminars, there are profound lessons to be learned along the way.

"Fairview" is executive produced by Colbert and showrunner RJ Fried, along with Chris Licht, Tim Luecke, Kim Gamble, Mike Leech, and Zach Smilovitz. The voice cast includes Marina Cockenberg, James Austin Johnson, Aparna Nancherla, Jeremy Levick, Blair Socci, Graham Techler, Atsuko Okatsuka, Otter Lee, Carl Foreman Jr, Jack Bensinger, Lisa Gilroy, and Joey Romaine. Grant Gish and Sachi Ezura co-executive produce with supervising producer Michael Stanger under the MTV Entertainment Group banner.