Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Will Force You To Break Out The Red Yarn And Maps In 2022

Put on your trench coat, step out into the fog, and get ready for "Unsolved Mysteries" season 3. The latest entry in the Netflix reboot of the popular mystery-driven docu-series will arrive a year from now, in the summer of 2022. It seems a little premature to start hyping the season this far in advance, but I guess Netflix wants to get fans ready. I'm one of those fans, and I'm very much looking forward to this. I just have one request: more ghost episodes, please! 

More Mysteries in 2022

Like most people my age, I was a fan of the original "Unsolved Mysteries." The series featured host Robert Stack walking us through a bunch of inexplicable, unexplained happenings, all of which were accompanied by cheesy re-enactments. The show had a lot of disappearances and unsolved murders, and that was all well and good (well, not for the people involved with those stories, I guess). But the episodes I loved the most involved the supernatural — UFOs and, best of all, ghosts. Anytime "Unsolved Mysteries" had a ghost episode, it would send my young heart aflutter. I couldn't get enough. 

So when Netflix revealed they were rebooting the show, I was excited. The end result was pretty good, too. The new "Unsolved Mysteries" is much slicker than the original, with higher production values. It also, unfortunately, doesn't have Robert Stack as the host, since Stack died in 2003. But the new "Unsolved Mysteries" has its creepy charms, and I'm more than ready for a new season. The good news is that a new season is on the way. The bad news is it won't arrive until 2022. Netflix dropped the news today via social media. 

Give Us More Ghosts, Please

The first season of the Netflix "Unsolved Mysteries" featured a UFO episode, and that was all well and good. But what I really wanted was an episode (or two) devoted to ghosts. Netflix obliged with the second season episode "Tsunami Spirits," which focused on people who "claim to see ghosts in Ishinomaki, Japan following a tsunami in 2011."

But in my humble opinion, the episode was a bit of a disappointment. I think the problem here was that the episode's topic — tsunami victims — was just too serious. The great ghost episodes of the old "Unsolved Mysteries" were both creepy and kind of silly, in a fun way. There was even an episode about a haunted comedy club, for crying out loud. Hopefully, if season 3 has a supernatural episode, it takes a different approach. But either way, I'm ready for the new season.