Rick And Morty Is Getting A Giant Box Set For Its First Five Seasons

Justin Roiland's "Back to the Future" parody short led to the creation of the explosively popular adult animated series, "Rick and Morty," which has churned out five seasons so far. Roiland, of course, leads the voice cast as the titular characters, whose distinct conversational style and speech patterns have become a part of the cultural phenomenon elicited by the show. Per ScreenRant, Warner Bros. has announced a "Rick and Morty" seasons 1-5 box set that includes an exclusive poster, deleted scenes from the series, and never-heard-before audio commentary, which is to be released soon.

A Rickternal Collectible

With season 5 of "Rick and Morty" coming to an end a while back, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has revealed that the box set (both Blu-ray and DVD) will feature deleted scenes, audio commentary, and in-depth "inside the episode" segments chronicling story concepts and character arcs. The exclusive poster will be more of a limited item, available to those who are able to grab the box set sooner.

Needless to say, the "Rick and Morty" box set will contain all 51 episodes of the first five seasons, making for a coveted collectible for hardcore fans. While the exact nature of the deleted scenes is unknown as of now, they will most likely be delightful (or horrifying) additions to the "Rick and Morty" universe, potentially disrupting canon episodes. However, as "Rick and Morty" does not approach the concept of canon in the way traditionally understood, it will be interesting to delve deeper into the lore concocted by the showrunners, along with the insights that the behind the scenes segments can potentially provide.

Apart from these features, the box set is also expected to feature premiere parties with bands such as Chaos Chaos, whose hit track, "Can You Feel It?" has become synonymous with Rick's emotional landscape, as shown in season 2. Exclusive insights into the show's animatics, prop process, and character creation are also expected to be a part of the giant box set. This particular box set is the third one put together by Adult Swim, as the previous ones included seasons 1-3 alongside interdimensional cable, along with seasons 1-4, with Rick, Morty, and Summer sinking into an acid portal on their family couch.

Per ComicBook, the Blu-Ray box set is priced at around $89.99, whereas the DVD version is priced at $79.99. Both these versions, along with Digital Copies, will be available sometime in March 2022.