Moon Knight Trailer Preview Shows Marc Spector Getting In Touch With His Inner Chaos

The Marvel Studios TV shows on Disney+ are really starting to take off, giving creatives a chance to explore some of the comic book characters in longer storytelling formats. After the Christmas fun of "Hawkeye," we're set to dive into something much darker with Oscar Isaac in "Moon Knight." 

A new trailer for "Moon Knight" will drop on Monday during the NFL Super Wild Card matchup on ESPN and ABC, and Marvel has released a teaser for that trailer with some new footage. "Moon Knight" looks like it's going to be something pretty different for Disney+, which has definitely caught my interest. Check out the trailer preview below!

In "Moon Knight," Isaac plays Marc Spector, a former U.S. Marine and CIA Agent who becomes entangled with the moon god Khonshu and takes up the life of a vigilante crime fighter. He also struggles with dissociative identity disorder, shifting into different personalities.

He is the One Named Knight-y Moon

Spector's problems with mirrors manifested in the first "Moon Knight" footage, but we see him face off against his reflection anew in this teaser. There's also some kind of transformation sequence that made me immediately start humming the "Sailor Moon" theme to myself, though the change looks a little more painful than Usagi's. The overall tone is creepy and feels hinged on violence, almost like something within the horror genre. The Disney+ shows have experimented with tone quite a bit, from the fantastical "Loki" to the much more grounded "Falcon and the Winter Soldier." Could this be the first true Marvel horror entry? 

Isaac has gone on the record saying that "Moon Knight" was the most challenging thing he's ever shot, and this guy did have to shoot some of the nastiest scenes in "Annihilation." Do you remember the pool scene? I bet he does. Not only that, Ethan Hawke is playing an unknown role in the series and has said that his inspiration was serial killer David Koresh, the Waco cult leader. 

Marvel President Kevin Feige has said that "Moon Knight" will be kind of like "Indiana Jones" and will touch on Egyptology. Egyptian director Mohammad Diab directed four episodes of the series, bringing a level of authenticity that should translate to the screen. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead co-directed the other two episodes. "The Umbrella Academy" showrunner Jeremy Slater was the head of the writing team, which definitely explains some of the spooky and slightly-kooky vibes. 

The six-episode season of "Moon Knight" will premiere sometime this year.