How I Met Your Mother Star Josh Radnor Penned A Loving Tribute To His Future Self, Bob Saget

Bob Saget is being remembered by many after news of the actor-comedian's death broke Sunday night. The star is celebrated for, among other career highlights, his role as Danny Tanner in "Full House," his wonderfully filthy stand-up comedy, and his time hosting "America's Funniest Home Videos." But one of the most touching tributes came from Josh Radnor, a fellow castmate from a show many may not even realize Saget worked on: "How I Met Your Mother."

Radnor took to Twitter late Sunday night to memorialize his co-star, who played the future version of Ted Mosby (played by Radnor on screen) in voiceover for the sitcom's entire run. In a seven-part thread, he described the kindness Saget showed him. "He was the kindest, loveliest, funniest, most supportive man," Radnor shared, before going on to describe the support Saget gave him on set during the hit show's early days:

I had so much imposter syndrome when HIMYM started, thought I'd be found out, kicked off set & sent home. When I'd run into Bob on the Fox lot in those early days he'd gush over my performance & tell me how he was studying me to make sure his vocal performance felt right.

Radnor's Touching Tribute

Saget's studying paid off. As an older version of Ted Mosby narrating the sitcom to his kids from 2030, he perfectly captured Radnor's inflections, mirroring his performance with a bit of added wisdom and steadiness. For Radnor, it was a big deal to have support in the early days of "How I Met Your Mother" from a successful sitcom star. "This man that I'd delighted in seeing on TV for years cheering me on, letting me know I had a right to be there and playing that character," Radnor tweeted, adding, "I can't overstate how meaningful his words were."

Radnor also shared that he and Saget stayed in touch after "How I Met Your Mother" wrapped, meeting for annual dinners and supporting one anothers' projects. "We talked a lot about how to live a meaningful life amidst all the chaos," he shared. Radnor continued to praise Saget for his compassion, saying:

Bob loved his daughters so much. He loved making people laugh. He never missed a birthday text. He raised millions of dollars for scleroderma research. He proved you could be funny and successful and kind.

Sudden passings will always stir up painful feelings, leaving loved ones–and in the case of celebrity deaths, even fans–wondering if they could have expressed their appreciation more. Twitter has been flooded with tributes to Saget, from the heartbreaking to the adoring, but Radnor's is one of the most touching as he makes it clear that he and Saget left nothing unsaid:

There are people who leave the earth and you're haunted by all the things you didn't tell them, all the love that was unexpressed. Luckily that wasn't the case with Bob. We adored each other and we told each other.

Radnor has a way with words, and he ended his tribute to Saget with a resonant line that captures both their special bond and the actor's unique legacy for "How I Met Your Mother" fans: "I'll hear his voice in my head for the rest of my days," Radnor concluded. We're grateful to Josh Radnor for sharing, and grateful to Bob Saget for–along with so many other things–all the wit and wisdom he brought to future Ted Mosby.