Cobra Kai Season 4 Soundtracks Go On Sale Tomorrow

"Cobra Kai" season 4 is out on Netflix, and fans of the series know how amazing the music is. Now you can listen to it all the time to psych yourself up for whatever the equivalent of the All Valley Karate Tournament is for you. For me, that's getting out of bed, but I somehow doubt you're judging me that much. Madison Gate Records has announced the release of "Cobra Kai: Season 4 (Soundtrack From the Netflix Original Series by series composers Leo Birenberg and Zach Robinson. 

This is a two-volume set with almost two hours of music, as well as an exclusive all-new recording of "The Moment of Truth." That's the song from the original film that Carrie Underwood sang in the finale. You can grab the volumes everywhere on digital beginning January 7, 2022. You can also pick up the deluxe edition 2-disc CD set through La-La Land Records.

'Let's Finish This'

Here is the official info for you: 

COBRA KAI: SEASON 4, VOL. 1 "ALL VALLEY TOURNAMENT 51" (SOUNDTRACK FROM THE NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES) centers around the events of the 51st All Valley Tournament, featuring epic themes, crushing rock anthems and superstar Carrie Underwood's cover of the classic 80s hit "The Moment of Truth." Written by Bill Conti, Dennis Lambert, and Peter Beckett, the song was originally recorded by iconic 80's rock band Survivor for "The Karate Kid" original movie soundtrack and played over that film's end credits. Underwood's turbocharged interpretation is produced by Birenberg and Robinson. Let's go All Valley!

Birenberg and Robinson said in a statement: 

"We knew updating a beloved song such as 'The Moment of Truth' would be challenging, but from the second Carrie Underwood sang the opening lyrics, everyone knew she was born to belt this anthem. Working alongside Carrie and our amazing musicians was the highlight of our season 4 scoring experience and we're so excited for 'The Moment of Truth' to be listenable on our All Valley Tournament 51 album."

Underwood added, "I am such a huge fan of 'Cobra Kai,' and getting to appear on the show and perform Survivor's iconic 'The Moment of Truth' for the season 4 penultimate episode and its soundtrack was truly an honor that ranks up there with my favorite things I've ever gotten to do."

'A Storm of Senseis'

We also have the track list, so you can plan how this is going to play while you try to get motivated to go out to the grocery store. Yeah, I have to do that as well:



1 It's Karate Time

2 Dueling Speeches

3 Marching Orders

4 The Thrill of Skills

5 Dark Miyagi-Do

6 We're Just Getting Started

7 Passion and Principle

8 My Right Way

9 Mecha-Robby

10 Killer Instinct

11 Fangs of Fury

12 The High Ground

13 Kenny's Rage

14 Semifinal

15 Cobra Kai is Gonna Die

16 Countdown

17 The Main Event

18 SDO

19 Give 'em All You Got

20 Shirts Off

21 Victory

22 The Fellowship of the Dojos

23 A Final Match for the Ages

24 Bonsai Badass

25 Illegal Strike

26 Queen Cobra

27 Defeat

28 Streets of Reseda

29 Screwed Everything Up

30 The Fight I Have to Face

31 Too Much at Stake

32 The Moment of Truth (From the "Cobra Kai" Season 4 Soundtrack) by Carrie Underwood



1 Like Old Times

2 Divide and Conquer

3 You're Not Getting What You Want

4 Land a Hit

5 Rip the Bandaid Off

6 Okinawan Sparring Deck

7 Basketball

8 No Be There

9 Balboa Park After Dark

10 Catch a Fish

11 Sensei Silver

12 Cobra Fly

13 Our Way is the Right Way

14 Ghost Boy

15 Miyaguel

16 Terry's Lesson

17 Drive In, Stand Off

18 Turn Fear into a Weapon

19 Whose Side are You On?

20 The Only Way Forward

21 Not Here to Fight

22 Let's Finish This

23 A Storm of Senseis

24 The Price of Mercy

25 Committee Meeting

26 Twisted Silver

27 Weakness

28 Level 1 Karate

29 Always be my Sensei

30 Remember the Cage

31 Breaking and Entering

32 Three-Headed Snake

33 Prom Punch-out

34 I Love You

"Cobra Kai" season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.