Uncharted Trailer: Tom Holland, Flying Pirate Ships, And A Hamburger Salesman's Terrible Mustache

Did you think Sony was going to sit idly by and let "Spider-Man: No Way Home" smash Covid-era box office records without taking the chance to promote its next Tom Holland-led tentpole, "Uncharted"? If so, well, it turns out you were incorrect. The studio has dropped a new trailer for the film, which is based on the action-adventure video game series (created by Naughty Dog) centering on the modern-day fortune hunter Nathan Drake. 

The new trailer describes the movie as "an adventure 500 years in the making," which seems pretty apt, given that it feels like it's been 500 years since Sony began developing the big screen version of "Uncharted." The project then passed through the hands of a half-dozen directors (or maybe more, it's hard to keep track at this point) before "Venom" helmer Ruben Fleischer came aboard in January 2020 and kicked off production some seven months later.

Despite all this, the "Uncharted" movie is, in fact, a real thing at last. (Either that, or Sony's pulling a truly elaborate prank on everyone.) Watch the latest trailer below.

Uncharted Trailer

To better put things into perspective: the "Uncharted" movie has taken so long to happen, original Nathan Drake actor Mark Wahlberg ended up aging out of the role. Instead, the hamburger salesman co-stars as Victor "Sully" Sullivan, the surly, "wise-cracking" thief who teams up with a younger, "street-smart" Nathan Drake (Holland) to find "the greatest treasure never found," as the film's official synopsis describes it. 

What exactly is that treasure? Well, as seen in the new trailer, it has something to do with the villain's (Antonio Banderas — you keep collecting those paychecks, sir) ancestors finding the world's biggest fortune, which leads to Nathan and Sully doing a whole lot of globe-trotting and tracking clues while nearly being killed by everything from booby traps to ancient pirate ships being carted around in the air by helicopters. This will all make more sense in the context of the movie. (Or not.)

The big reveal here is that Wahlberg will, at some point, don Sully's trademark mustache from the video games — or at least a terrible-looking, maybe fake one. Will that gag be enough to convince longtime "Uncharted" fans that this quasi-prequel is worth the time of day? As someone who's never played the games, I remain ambivalent, as much as I would love for this movie to prove me wrong and become the next great "Indiana Jones"-style action-adventure after taking so many years to get off the ground.

"Uncharted" opens in U.S. theaters on February 18, 2022.