Yellowjackets Has Been Renewed For Season 2 Thanks To Positive, Ahem, Buzz

Thank the Antler Queen! Showtime has announced that its series "Yellowjackets" has been renewed for a second season. The much-praised series, which is a hybrid psychological thriller and coming-of-age drama, is currently halfway through its first season run on the premium cable network.

Frankly, this renewal is a no-brainer. "Yellowjackets" is one of the most unique and original stories we've seen on TV, not just this year, but in the past several years. Its narrative intrigue is matched by a pitch-perfect cast, bold filmmaking (Karyn Kusama executive produces, and directed the pilot), and a killer soundtrack.

The Series Is (Rightfully) Gaining Hype

The series follows a women's high school soccer team as they attempt to survive in the woods after a plane crash, with a parallel plot following the women as adults trying to stay under the radar. In its first five episodes, the show has been a constantly shifting surprise, most recently dabbling in folk horror territory. Also, all the lead characters are probably all cannibals.

This announcement is welcome news for the growing hive of obsessive "Yellowjackets" fans. One of Showtime's Presidents of Entertainment, Gary Levine, says the response to the series has been "overwhelmed" by the critical and audience response to the series, which currently holds a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. "Clearly there is a hunger for originality and audacity," Levine added in a statement on the second season renewal, calling the show an "unadulterated sensation."

The Story Is Built For The Long Run

"Yellowjackets" is headlined by Melanie Lynskey, Tawney Cypress, Juliette Lewis, and Christina Ricci, with a talented young cast including Sophie NĂ©lisse, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, and Sammi Hanratty playing their younger selves. Hanratty is an early standout in the episodes that have aired, playing an outcast teenager named Misty with a wild-eyed unpredictability.

"Yellowjackets" has proven it's playing the long game by dropping several clues about the team's time in the wilderness without actually revealing all that much. The flashbacks have already turned bloody and unnerving. Aside from the predictable carnage of a plane crash, there's also been a seance, several creepy carved symbols, and a flash of what appears to be a cult-like cannibalistic sacrifice. The series established early on that the group was in the wilderness for a full 18 months, so this is a story that insists on being told across several seasons.

For in-depth coverage of the series, check out BJ Colangelo's bloody great season 1 primer, then dive into some of her episode recaps. "Yellowjackets" airs on Sundays on Showtime.