Yellowjackets Are Buzzing In The Blood Hive With A Seance And A Symbol

Hopefully by now you've synced up with our weekly recaps of Showtime's "Yellowjackets," because this week's episode is riding the crimson wave into some seriously supernatural horror territory. This week's episode, "Blood Hive," comes from Eva Sørhaug and co-executive producer Ameni Rozsa throws the both timeline's stories forward ... hard. Misty is crazier than ever, Lottie might be possessed, and Shauna is ... well, you'll see.

Is there a song more definitively mid-'90s than "This is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan? The answer is no, which is why the opening moment of this week's episode showing the girls laughing, doing the running man, and attempting to do the Bart Simpson to the song is such a wonderful boost of serotonin. Of course, happiness never lasts long in the wilderness of "Yellowjackets," so the music warps to an end as the cassette player dies, echoed by what sounds like something or someone moving around in the attic. In case you forgot, they found a dead body up there two episodes ago, but even after they buried it last week, something is still very not okay about that damn attic. Lottie in particular is still very fixated on it, but she's also going through withdrawals of her schizophrenia medication. Fortunately, this weird would-be haunting is broken up by something even more terrifying: teenage Misty sneaking into Coach Scott's room to try and touch his morning wood. He's missing a leg so he already knows to watch his back, but now the poor man has to watch his boner too?

Everyone's Bleeding ... Well, Almost Everyone

The entire soccer team has synced up, and the girls have bloody makeshift pads freely boiling and hang-drying. Captain Jackie is whining about her cramps as if she's the only one who has them, and is passive-aggressively volun-told to go collect fresh water where she finds Lottie standing aimlessly in the lake. "I thought it would be warmer," she tells Jackie. Oh, you sweet thing. Jackie comes back and nearly spills the water and when Shauna offers to help, Jackie questions why she's so chipper considering everyone else has "a blood sacrifice between their legs." Turns out, Shauna is the only one not on the rag and while she tries to blame the stress of the plane crash, we all know it's because she boinked Jackie's boyfriend in the backseat of his car after the party before they left for nationals. That's not stress, Shauna, YOU'RE CARRYING YOUR BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND'S SEED!

Back in the present, adult Shauna is dealing with the major attitude of her daughter (who is also the spawn of Jackie's boyfriend since, yanno, Shauna ended up marrying him) and lying to her husband about having to go to "book club" which is suburban white lady code for "cheating on your husband with a hot guy you rear ended who now rear ends you in hotel rooms." It's Halloween night and Callie has the audacity to refer to Shauna's Daria costume as "some '90s character costume nobody even recognizes." WOW. Rude. I'm on Shauna's side when she tells Jeff, "Our daughter is an a-hole."

Misty and Nat Team Up Once Again

Nat's expert manipulation of her former high school best friend-turned-cop has paid off, and she knows for sure that Travis was sober at the time of his death. She needs more information, so she hits up Misty to see if one of her Citizen's Detective cyber-sleuth buddies can steal the police report from Kevyn's email, which she happily obliges while turning off an elderly patient's vital machines as a way to scare trick-or-treaters who insult the smell of the care facility and call it boring. SHE IS DERANGED AND I LOVE HER.

The duo later meet up with Misty's e-pal who wants in on whatever investigation they're tracking, and Nat responds by threatening him with a cup of gasoline poured on his crotch and a lighter. She gets the autopsy report, and Stallion99 is left to sit in a pile of wet pants. No way this dude doesn't pop up again sometime in the future. I've seen "Don't F*** With Cats," internet sleuths are no joke. The team-up moments with Nat and Misty are always great, because the two are equally as motivated but approaching from wildly different angles. Nat truly doesn't want to call on Misty knowing she's certifiable, and Misty will do literally anything to keep Nat closer. When they spread Travis' crime scene photos, Misty notices a pattern of candle wax on the ground below him ... the same pattern on the tree, in the attic, and on the mysterious postcards the survivors all received. DUN DUN DUUUUN!

Spill It, Taissa

Taissa's senate campaign is still on the struggle-bus after her opponent's attack ad and her unwillingness to suck up to a wealthy white liberal, but her sanity is starting to slip. She hallucinates the vision of a wolf outside, even grabbing a GIGANTIC letter opener when she runs downstairs to confront it. She's been seeing wolves a lot lately, so teenage Taissa definitely saw some wild s*** go down with wolves in the wilderness. (If Van gets eaten by a wolf and is the source of all of her trauma I swear to GOD). There's no wolf, but someone vandalized the side of their home by writing "SPILL" in blood red paint. Taissa and her wife assume it must be a supporter of her political opponent, but she finds the open can of paint underneath Sammy's bed.

Continuing to be the weirdest child this side of the Grady sisters in "The Shining," he claims he didn't do it, and blames the lady in the tree yet again. Who is Sammy seeing or is he just making stuff up because children have overactive imaginations? My secret hope is that there's at least one girl who they all thought died in the wilderness but has returned home and is fully feral. Will I get it? Probably not. BUT I WANT IT. Her wife wants her to drop out, but Taissa is no quitter and during what should have been her concession speech, she instead delivers a fiery retort about how she's not going to let her opponent push her around, and that she's not going down without a fight. Not quite as intense as breaking a teammate's leg, but we know Taissa is capable of going to the extreme to make it to the top.

Secrets, Symbols, and Seances

Back in the '90s, Jackie's not been pulling her weight around the cabin because she's clearly ill-equipped for how to be a leader when forced to exist outside of the cruel hierarchies of high school, and the other girls are growing resentful. Shauna tries to give her a bit of a pep talk, still hiding both her cheating and pregnancy from her best friend in the process, but giving her the necklace we see worn around the girl killed and eaten in the pilot. YIKES. The girls are still low-key convinced the attic is haunted and since "cheering people up is [Jackie's] thing," she suggests a seance as a way for the girls to learn to laugh about the supposedly haunted cabin. COOL. NO WAY THIS WILL TURN OUT BAD. NO WAY AT ALL.

The pendulum Jackie's been holding during the seance has playfully been making yes or no answers to questions like "Would we have won nationals?" and "Is the principal screwing the English teacher?" but the seance takes a hard turn for the terrifying after Jackie suggests they place the candles on the ALREADY EXISTING WEIRD SYMBOLIC CARVINGS IN THE FLOOR and Javi asks "the spirit" if they're all going to die. The pendulum swings in an infinity pattern and BOOM! Lottie is suddenly possessed and speaking French. According to Jackie (who had French class with her) there's no way Lottie should be able to communicate the way she is, but does her best to decipher something about "it" being "hungry" and "blood" needing to "spill." HAHAHA! COOL. COOLCOOLCOOL. COOL.

*Sigh* Adam's Here Too

Shauna sneaks around with Adam some more, attending a Halloween party where everyone is following the rules of "Mean Girls," and she feels super out of place. Adam does his best to show her a good time, but Shauna is distracted by another vision of Jackie. She follows her through the crowd only for her hallucination to be ... Callie wearing a Yellowjackets soccer uniform. Jackie's uniform, to be precise, as her mom gave it to Shauna on Jackie's 40th birthday to remember her by. Everyone clearly assumes Jackie is dead, but this also means that a Molly-hopped Callie knows her mom is cheating on her dad, and the two have a genuinely deep conversation about how her parents really need to stop avoiding the subject and talk about Jackie, that Adam is probably a weirdo who only wants to date Shauna because she's a Yellowjackets survivor, and that her mom is not healed from this. God, I hate agreeing with Callie.

The next day, Callie is back to being a huge a-hole and tries to blackmail her mom into letting her do whatever she wants or else she's gonna snitch, but I guess Callie forgot her own mom is a MOTHER EFFING YELLOWJACKET because Shauna immediately outmaneuvers her by telling her that her college fund will dry up to pay for divorce payments and her weekends will be dedicated to court-ordered hangouts with her newly divorced dad in a sad apartment while he tries to date girls her age, and Callie immediately backs off. Melanie Lynskey deserves an Emmy for that scene alone because she is mesmerizing.

Misty Continues to Out-Crazy Jack Torrance in The Shining

Teenage Misty poisoned Coach Ben Scott for some reason and even saves her seance question to ask if the person she likes, likes her back in clear reference to the Coach. Once he's recouped some strength, he confronts Misty about the poisoning and she confesses she has feelings for him. Coach Scott then confesses the feeling is mutual, but he can't act upon it because she's underage. Misty is buying into this hook, line, and sinker, but he's clearly manipulating her knowing that she's a crazy b**** who will absolutely kill him if he gets on her bad side.

In the present day, Misty gives Nat an oil diffuser as a token of sympathy but because Misty is Misty, it's really a nanny-cam so she can spy on her from the comfort of her couch, and her weird bird Caligula. Nat invites Taissa over to show her the terrifying crime scene symbol, and Taissa calls Shauna up to come over because Travis is dead ... which Misty told her in the last episode. Misty watches and munches on popcorn as Nat and Taissa both receive threatening text messages. Did Misty also get a text message or is she the one sending them? Either way, the second Nat finds out Misty told Shauna about Travis, she calls her a "conniving, poodle-haired, little f****** freak," which, she is, but since Misty is watching by camera, the episode ends on her VERY UPSET glasses adjustment.

Buzzworthy Moments and Additional Thoughts

Coach Ben Scott is really holding everyone together and keeping things in some kind of an order, which leads me to believe that he's absolutely going to get killed (probably by Misty) and this is going to spark some serious problems as the girls fight for the leader position. I hate thinking about a man being the one that keeps them all acting like humans, but it's less about him being a dude and more about him being the sole adult and the coach in the situation. That title has power in the eyes of these girls and once he's gone, everything will change. I have a feeling either he'll be the last one to get a traditional burial, or he'll be the first one they eat, likely convinced by Misty as a survival tactic and him being the "weakest link" for having lost his leg LIKELY because he turns down her advances for a final time. What proof do I have? Absolutely none. Let me fantasy book in peace, damn it!

  • *deep inhale* TAISSA AND VAN FINALLY MAKE OUT! GAY TEAMMATES CONFIRMED! There's also a shot of them in the water and partially nude in the preview for next week's episode. Cue the Dashboard Confessional because I am VINDICATED!
  • Laura Lee ending Lottie's "possession" by throwing a Bible at her has big Mandy Moore screaming "I'm filled with Christ's love!" in "Saved!" energy and I'm here for it.
  • Taissa knows Shauna is pregnant because she saw her dip a cloth in deer's blood to fake out Jackie but is being a real one and not outing her to the group. Is this the bonding agent that has kept them so close after all these years? Or is it still the whole, you know, cannibalism thing?
  • I haven't talked about her a lot in the recaps, but I feel so bad for adult Taissa's wife Simone. She's basically a single-parent with how much Taissa has to dedicate to her campaign, so she's essentially raising their weird son on her own. She doesn't deserve this mess.
  • I don't think Jackie is dead. I think during the tribal split she was either left for dead or presumed dead, but I am fully waiting for a Madison Montgomery "Surprise, b****" reveal somewhere around the penultimate episode.

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