Everything We Know About Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 So Far

The second season will also be the last of "Kevin Can F**k Himself," AMC's hit dramedy starring Emmy Award winner, Annie Murphy of "Schitt's Creek" fame. Murphy plays Allison McRoberts, a disillusioned Massachusetts housewife stuck in a loveless marriage to a petulant manchild named Kevin whose antics of weaponized incompetence and straight up emotional manipulation are pushing her to the brink of insanity. Whenever Allison is shown interacting with Kevin, the show resembles a brightly-lit multi-cam sitcom in front of a live studio audience, complete with laugh track, but when Allison is on her own, the world she knows becomes grim and realistic, emphasizing the severity of Kevin's abuse.

It's a shame when any show is canceled prematurely, but fortunately this allows the showrunners to end the show with a cohesive ending, rather than being left on a cliffhanger. Last season saw Allison plotting her escape from her marriage, getting involved with drug trafficking, hiring a hitman, and even plotting to kill her husband herself. Allison is working in cahoots with her neighbor Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden) to get out of Kevin's clutches, while also trying not to get busted by the police, namely Patty's detective sort-of-girlfriend.

When and where to watch Kevin Can F**k Himself

Season 2 is set to release sometime on August 22, 2022. The show will follow a similar release format to the first season with episodes debuting on the AMC+ streaming service and following a subsequent play on AMC's cable network. The show remains exclusive to AMC but can be watched through Amazon Prime with the AMC premium subscription as well as YouTube TV, Philo, Sling TV, FuboTV, and DIRECTV STREAM packages.

What we think Kevin Can F**k Himself season 2 will be about

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger with Allison's life going through the wringer. She and Patty's plan for hitman Nick to kill Kevin backfired with Kevin still alive and shooting Nick in the midst of the conflict. Allison then plants drugs and cash at Nick's house to frame him, so no one will find out it was Patty selling the pills from her salon all along. There's only one problem: Nick isn't dead. Season 2 is definitely going to have to deal with this fall out, and someone's going to have to pay. Will it be Allison, or Nick? Drunk on his newly found bravery, Kevin is running for city council and after successfully defending his home with a gun, he's become a hero in Worcester which makes it impossible now for Allison to kill him. He's too well-known and too well-liked, if she's going to take him out, she's going to have to be a lot more careful.

Sam, her high school sweetheart/boss she's been cheating on Kevin with offers her a chance to escape, but she turns it down. It's not just about Kevin anymore, it's about the whole damn system that keeps women dependent on men, and Allison refuses to conform any longer. Is Sam going to snitch on her out of rejection? Will his wife? No way this doesn't come up in season 2. The teaser shows Allison digging an unmarked grave, theoretically for Kevin, but with the narration of, "When I leave, I need to be gone for good," this could be a swerve for Allison instead deciding to fake her own death.

How will Erinn Hayes come into play?

"Kevin Can F**k Himself" is a ruthless takedown of the offensive sitcom trope that normalized and glorified average-at-best men treating their intelligent and gorgeous wives like garbage, with the name a clear reference to the types of shows that made Kevin James a household name (the creators and AMC have never confirmed this for obvious "don't sue us" reasons). In a bit of brilliant meta casting, Erinn Hayes of "Kevin Can Wait" will guest star in the final season in an undisclosed role. For the uninitiated, Hayes played Kevin James' wife Donna on the first season of the show, but her character was killed off in order to be replaced by James' "King of Queens" co-star Leah Remini for the second season. It was an unnecessary and cruel decision, and a stunt casting decision that still couldn't help save the show from cancellation.

While Hayes' role has been left up to speculation, it's probably safe to assume that she'll be someone that Allison can look toward for advice. "Kevin Can F**k Himself" thrives in its meta commentary, and there's few bolder statements than seeing Allison join forces or seek the wisdom of the woman who experienced the worst treatment in the name of loser husbands. Of course, she won't literally be playing Erinn Hayes (at least we don't think?) but likely a character who has been where Allison is, and knows what it feels like to be constantly suffocated by your manchild spouse. It's depressing that this is the final season of "Kevin Can F**k Himself," but with Hayes' casting, I'm sure we'll all leave the show having heard their message loud and clear.

But what about Neil?

Patty's brother and Kevin's best friend Neil overheard Patty and Allison's plans to kill Kevin in the final moments of the finale, and for the first time in the show's history, broke out of the sitcom world and showed up in the gritty, dramatic reality where pain is very, very real. Neil attempts to choke out Allison in retaliation for her plans to kill his best friend, but Patty saves her by cracking Neil on the head with a glass bottle. It's not made clear what state Neil is in post head trauma, but Patty and Allison are now very much in this together. My assumption is that Neil is going to snitch on the girls and Kevin won't believe him, leading to a genuine rift in their friendship. That, or he's gonna die. Either way, "Kevin Can F**k Himself" season 2 has plenty of storylines to tie up, hopefully leading to a wonderful contained story.