Sweet Valley High Is Coming To The CW By Way Of The Gossip Girl Team

The Wakefield sisters are back as Deadline reports a new television series based on the "Sweet Valley High" young adult novels is in the works over at The CW. The series comes from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the duo behind the reboot of "Dynasty," "Nancy Drew," and the teen sensation, "Gossip Girl." Renamed "Sweet Valley," the new series is the second serial look at Francine Pascal's book series, following the "Sweet Valley High" TV series in the '90s starring twin actresses Brittany Daniel and Cynthia Daniel ("White Chicks," "The Basketball Diaries").

According to Deadline, the new series is a co-production between ViacomCBS' new corporate siblings, CBS Studios and Paramount TV Studios. "Sweet Valley" looks to be the first time that The CW has dove into the Paramount vault of IP for new programming. For the most part, the stories of the Wakefield twins' adventures through middle school and college life follow the typical beats of friendship drama, familial turmoil, and unrequited love, but with over 180 books, sometimes the stories devolve into the realm of ridiculousness. With the success of shows like "Riverdale," The "Sweet Valley High" books are a perfect choice for a new adaptation.

The Sweet Valley High Books Are Weird, Y'all

Most people know the "Sweet Valley High" books from their titles like "Dear Sister" and "Double Love," but what do you know about "Kidnapped by the Cult!" or "A Date with a Werewolf"? Much like the books of Christopher Pike, the "Sweet Valley High" books frequently dive into the truly absurd. Murder, hostage situations, traumatic accidents, doppelgangers, and the supernatural all show up in Sweet Valley, which is probably why "Juno" and "Jennifer's Body" scribe Diablo Cody was once tapped to write a film version of the books. Ashley Wigfield of "Marvel's Runaways" and a writer-producer on HBO Max's "Gossip Girl" reboot will write the adaptation, and you can read the show's official synopsis from The CW below.

Sweet Valley is the town everyone dreams of growing up in. And there's no better example of that promise than Elizabeth Wakefield. But when her missing twin sister Jessica miraculously returns, it reignites a lifelong rivalry. It falls to new girl Enid Ruiz to discover that someone (or something) is pulling all the strings, but can she convince the twins that putting their personal war aside is the only way to drag Sweet Valley's dark roots into the California sunshine?

It's currently unknown what changes will be made from the books, but Enid Rollins changing to Enid Ruiz and looking to be the show's POV is already a refreshing and exciting update.