Noted Gamer Henry Cavill Would Like To Talk About Starring In A Mass Effect Adaptation

The year 2021 is winding down and it's high time to update our pop culture fixtures accordingly. "Jocks versus nerds" is now an old-fashioned, utterly false dichotomy. These days, jocks ARE the nerds. Look no further than Henry Cavill, pride of Britain but an adopted favorite of Americans as well after portraying Superman himself, the arm-reloading villain of "Mission: Impossible – Fallout," and the fantasy hero of "The Witcher." With that sort of ability to bridge gaps and heal cross-continental divides, it's completely fitting that he would do the same for gym bros and gamers. On this occasion, "Mass Effect" lies at the center of that Venn Diagram and nobody will be surprised to hear that one of our favorite actors to fan-cast is putting his name into contention for any potential adaptation of the popular video game series in the future. He has only one caveat, which will only make himself even more endearing to fans.

From Superhero to Fantasy to Space?

Amazon Studios recently made waves with the reports that the streaming giant is now several steps closer to acquiring the rights to the "Mass Effect" franchise. Henry Cavill must have heard that news as well, because the famously gaming-obsessed actor is now throwing his hat in the ring to star in a future adaptation of the games. In an interview with GamesRadar+, Cavill was asked about his interest in being cast in a potential "Mass Effect" project. His response:

"Very much so, yeah, all depending on how they're executing it. The world of adaptation can be heavy or light. When I like a product, I prefer the adaptation to be less changed from the source, so it all depends.

I think it's found a home, hasn't it? If [the series] finds a home, I would love to have a conversation."

This is far from the first time that Cavill has made his love for these games clear, having surreptitiously teased a "secret project" in the past that turned out to hint at his possible involvement in a "Mass Effect" adaptation. But later on in this interview, Cavill makes his interest far more clear by saying that though he was too busy to finish playing "Andromeda," the latest game in the series: 

"But [The Mass Effect Trilogy]? Yeah. Loved it. Brilliant games. It would make such a magnificent series of movies or TV shows."

He's not wrong about that, as the world-building and rich storylines of the games — well, the first three that I've played, at least; finally, something I have in common with Henry Cavill! — certainly lends itself to a cinematic rendering of Commander Shepard, Liara, Ash (nobody ever saves Kaidan, folks), Wrex, Miranda, and all the rest of his fan-favorite squad mates. With a potential Amazon series coming closer and closer to fruition, I'd honestly prefer the first live-action adaptation of the series to focus on the female Shepard. If not, however, we could do a lot worse than one that stars Henry Cavill.