New Jurassic World Dominion Image Shows Bryce Dallas Howard In Deep Trouble

I know it's Monday and we all have our concerns and anxieties, but here's something that will hopefully put your problems in perspective: At least we're not living in a world that's overrun by massive dinosaurs who could pop up and interrupt your well-earned night out with a sudden appearance of dino-caused carnage and mayhem. It could always be worse, is what I'm saying!

Not that that's any consolation for the characters in these "Jurassic World" movies, who have been through some stuff. Chris Pratt's Rex Dangervest, uh, I mean Owen Grady has barely survived two extended brushes with these dinosaurs in 2015's "Jurassic World" and 2018's "Fallen Kingdom," all while carrying around the world's most obnoxious type-A personality. And Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire Dearing, lest we forget, is kind of responsible for all the troubles throughout these movies in the first place, as the head administrator of Jurassic World (the once-functioning theme park) who allowed the dinosaurs to escape and wreak havoc on the island, thus starting the chain of events that have led to countless lives lost. 

But we must press on anyway, as a new still released from the upcoming "Jurassic World: Dominion" shows Claire in trouble. Check it out below.

Jurassic World: Dominion Still

As Jeff Goldblum once so famously said, "Now that's one big pile of s***." Characters in these movies have to be used to the idea of ending up in all sorts of unenviable situations at this point, even as far back as Ellie Satler (Laura Dern) plunging her arms into giant piles of Triceratops dung in the original film. Who says field work isn't glamorous! On the heels of the release of the prologue for "Jurassic World: Dominion" that isn't actually a prologue to the film and won't even be included in it for some odd reason, Universal Pictures has dropped a new image from the film that puts Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire at the mercy of an approaching dinosaur. This new pic comes courtesy of Total Film.

Well, she definitely appears to be up to her neck in trouble, am I right folks? No? Okay, anyway, director Colin Trevorrow talked to Total Film and said: 

"This is a rare film where it is so different from anything that I've ever seen before, I didn't know what to watch as inspiration. Honestly, we watched a lot of nature documentaries. I watched a lot of 'Planet Earth.' The movie does rely on the animals acting and reacting in ways that feel natural." 

With original "Jurassic Park" cast members Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum set to return in "Dominion," Trevorrow also explains that:

"Laura, Sam, and Jeff have as much screentime in the film as Bryce and Chris do. They're not together the entire time, but we are following both of their stories equally, and you have a sense that they're going to collide at a certain point... there's this tension. It's not structured necessarily in a way that we're used to seeing our Hollywood movies structured. But it works."

"Jurassic World: Dominion" stomps its way into theaters on June 10, 2022.