Cara Delevingne Joins Only Murders In The Building As A Season 2 Regular

After a triumphant first season, Hulu's mystery-comedy "Only Murders in the Building" is already pushing forward on shooting its second season. The series starring living comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short are joined by pop sensation (and very good actress, thankyouverymuch) Selena Gomez as neighbors in the fictional luxury apartment complex, The Arconia. The true-crime podcast-obsessed trio gets extremely involved in the possible mystery surrounding the suicide by one of their neighbors, Tim Kono (Julian Cihi), who they're convinced was, in fact, murdered. 


Gomez may seem like an odd addition to the established comedy stylings of Martin and Short, but the three of them together are absolutely magical.

With production underway, we're starting to get announcements for season 2, including today's huge casting news that Cara Delevingne ("Paper Towns," "Suicide Squad," "Her Smell") has been cast as a season regular. 

Delevingne will play a character named Alice, a sophisticated art world insider who gets entangled in the newest mystery. It'll be fun to see her and Gomez play alongside Martin and Short, and the role sounds perfect for Delevingne. Many greatly disliked her performance in "Suicide Squad," but Delevingne is at her best acting-wise when she is able to play enigmatic hotties as she herself, a freakin' model, is an enigmatic hottie. If they announce that next season focuses on the seven mysterious deaths of Delevingne's rich husbands, I'd believe it in a second. Imagine that perfect scowl facing off against the unbridled glee of Martin Short. It's an exceptional casting choice, truly.

Bringing a Real-Life Friendship On Screen

According to Hulu (who like every other streamer doesn't actually release viewership numbers), "Only Murders in the Building" is the streaming channel's most-watched original comedy series. The show comes from co-writers and co-creators Steve Martin and John Hoffman ("Grace & Frankie"), and the first season included celebrated greats like Nathan Lane, Aaron Dominguez, and Amy Ryan.

Delevigne and Gomez are friends in real life, having recently been spotted together on the kiss cam at a New York Knicks game. The duo have both had to quell dating rumors in the past, with Gomez telling People magazine that Delevingne is "incredible and very open and she just makes me open." Gomez has stated she isn't bothered by the dating rumors because, "She's so fun and she's just extremely adventurous, and sometimes I just want that in my life, so I didn't mind it. I loved it." Now Gomez and Delevingne are going to put their BFF chemistry on screen, which means "Only Murders in the Building" is just going to get better and better.