Only Murders In The Building Will Kill Again For A Second Season On Hulu

Let the intrigue continue: "Only Murders in the Building" is returning for a second season. The announcement comes at the halfway point for season 1, so we haven't quite solved the initial mystery in the building, but hey, the more murder the merrier.

According to Hulu, the series had the highest premiere date numbers for any comedy series (original or acquired) on the streamer thus far. In typical streaming service fashion, they haven't provided any specific numbers, but based on the renewal, the popularity of the show seems pretty clear.

Starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short, the series centers on three true-crime-obsessed neighbors attempting to solve the story behind a murder in their building, the Arconia. Making matters more ridiculous than you can imagine, they're trying to start a true-crime podcast of their own, aptly titled "Only Murders in the Building." The true-crime phase spared no one, so many among us have dreamed of solving a crime, but few are clueless enough to actually try. Evidently, not even common sense will stop the dynamic trio of Mabel (Gomez), Oliver (Short), and Charles (Martin).

The series is created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman ("Looking," "Grace and Frankie"). Naturally, Martin was very excited about the series renewal and even gave fans a hint at how he plans to prepare for year two.

Only Murders in the Building Season 2

So far, "Only Murders in the Building" is giving us nothing but questions. Well, questions and really fabulous coats. Seriously, the outfits in the show are top-notch and they play up the grandeur of the Arconia. It's almost enough to make you want to move to NYC yourself — except for how insanely expensive their luxurious building would be. Also, its track record for murder is no joke.

Five episodes in, the show has struck a solid balance between weaving an interesting mystery and poking fun at true crime tropes. Best of all, the dynamic between its lead performers makes for hilarious exchanges. All of it is held together by the intrigue of answering the big question: who killed Tim Kono?

The series renewal raises even more questions: Will the season wrap up with answers for Kono's death? Is the plan to end on a cliffhanger? Since season 2 wasn't always guaranteed, could the finale lead into a completely different murder? 

There's no shortage of mysteries with the characters we've already met. Mabel is hiding plenty from her crime-solving partners, and for all the audience can already put together about her, there's so much we still don't know. The series also guest-stars world-famous musician and The Police frontman Sting ... as Sting. Not sure how mysterious this fictional iteration of himself actually is, but his presence has been very funny so far.

One thing's for sure — the murder mystery storylines will definitely continue. 20th Century Television president Karey Burke confirmed this with her celebratory statement,

"Thanks to the incredible audience response, we are so happy to say there will be more murders in the building — which is great news for everyone, except perhaps the residents of the Arconia."