Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Trailer: Netflix Gets Oddly Dark In The Glory Days Of '80s And '90s Kids Television

Last month, Netflix revealed our first look at a new a new live-action animation hybrid series called "Saturday Morning All Star Hits!" Modeled after the Saturday morning cartoons and other assorted entertainment that kids soaked up in the 1980s and 1990s, the series looks to tap into nostalgia in a big way. But since this is a project coming from "Saturday Night Live" cast member Kyle Mooney, there's a bit of an odd, dark spin on the initial kid-friendly proceedings. Now that the first trailer for "Saturday Morning All Star Hits!" has arrived, we're getting a much better idea of what to expect from this strange little series.

Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Trailer

When the batch of "Saturday Morning All Star Hits!" photos arrived, I guessed that this series might be something akin to "The Kroll Show," where both the animated shows and the live-action elements were all interconnected and featured a progressive narrative. Plus, the overall vibe felt seemed to share some DNA with the late night oddity "Too Many Cooks" from Adult Swim. Having seen the trailer now, "Saturday Morning All Star Hits!" seems to land somewhere in the middle, with a dark storyline taking shape around some of the young stars of the titular nostalgic fictional programming block.

Along with animated and live-action TV shows, it looks like there are fake commercials interspersed throughout. A glimpse of the Nextronico Mega Mitten is seen, clearly riffing on the Nintendo Power Glove that everyone wanted back in the day. Then things get thrown into dark territory when a star from one of the live-action shows goes missing, according to a news report. Clearly this will dig into the seedier side of child stardom with a twisted comedic lens. 

In addition to co-creating and executive producing the series with Ben Jones, "SNL" cast member Kyle Mooney is playing multiple parts in both the live-action and animated parts of the show, including the programming block's twin hosts Skip and Treybor. Also spotted in the series is Geraldine Viswanathan ("Blockers") as the star of one of the fictional shows. 

This looks like something special, and I hope that people will go out of their way to see it. It's a completely original idea, and it seems to capture the spirit of programming for kids in the 1980s and 1990s with a darkly comedic twist. 

Here's the official synopsis for "Saturday Morning All Star Hits!," which is coming to Netflix on December 10, 2021:

"Saturday Morning All Star Hits!" is an adult animated and live action hybrid series celebrating all that is 80s and 90s television. Wildly irreverent and slightly disturbing, twin hosts Skip and Treybor (Kyle Mooney) take us on a trip through the Saturday Morning cartoon experience.