The Explosive Evil Dead Remake Ending You'll Never Get To See

The ending of Fede Álvarez's 2013 "Evil Dead" is already an absolute bloodbath, with hero and final girl Mia (Jane Levy) battling the forces of evil during a literal rain of blood. However, the Uruguayan director originally had something even more shocking in mind, with Mia losing to the ancient evil in a rather comical way. Franchise creator Sam Raimi talked him out of it, but the original "Evil Dead" ending was ... explosive, to say the least. 

Mia Didn't Deserve Her Fate

On Bloody Disgusting's "Boo Crew" podcast, Álvarez explained that he originally had a very different ending in mind for his "Evil Dead" adaptation. In the original conclusion, they ended things much like in the 1980 original. Mia limps away from the house and the evil comes through the woods. She turns around and screams, and that would be the end, just like when Bruce Campbell's Ash spun around at the end of the original. To take it a little further, Álvarez wanted to show what happens when the evil catches her, with Mia levitating into the air and ... exploding:

"It was written as she levitates for the first time – because you never see levitation in the movie. It was kind of the rules of [our] Evil Dead, to never see anything that tells you right away that you're in a supernatural world. So no one floats [in] Evil Dead. But in the last moment, she will float. Suddenly her body was all tensed up like Exorcist-style, and then we were going to rip her apart like every limb or something like that. She was going to explode into this bomb of blood."

When Raimi read the script, he told Álvarez that Mia dying would frustrate the audience. He explained that after everything she's been through, the audience will want her to survive. Not only did Mia survive the horrors of the evil dead, she survived heroin withdrawal while battling said evil dead. Raimi said it would be unfair to kill her, even though he originally intended on killing Ash in the original.

"Well, I didn't think Ash deserved to live," Raimi explained. So they changed it, and the ending in the final cut lets Mia survive. 

Mia's Happy-ish Ending

While Mia survives the end of "Evil Dead," fans shouldn't expect to see her in the upcoming "Evil Dead Rise," as star Jane Levy has been candid about not wanting to reprise the role. Who can blame her, given she had to spend her work days buried alive and pretending to saw her tongue in half? Thankfully, there's still plenty of new "Evil Dead" goodness headed our way, with both "Rise" and the upcoming "Evil Dead: The Game" headed our way in 2022.