Emily In Paris Season 2 Trailer: She's Emily, She's Still In Paris

You can't kick Emily out of Paris no matter how hard you try (and I'm sure the Parisiennes are really giving it their all). The Netflix series that's practically infamous for nabbing a confusing Emmy nom alongside top tier comedies like "Ted Lasso" and "PEN15," is back for round two, baby. You might love to hate Emily and her cotton candy European adventure, but the girl is clearly bringing in the money since cancel-happy Netflix hasn't axed her French escapades. 

The first season of "Emily in Paris" told the story of (surprise!) Emily (played by Lily Collins), an American who scores a temporary job in Paris working for a very chic marketing agency. At first she clashes against French culture, but after making some interchangeable friends and starting a tawdry romance, she really warms up to Paris. Also, she's constantly wearing the wildest designer clothes. Like we're talking "Sex and the City" level of designer, but without that little daring Carrie Bradshaw sliver. There are a lot of bright colors.

Let's face it though, as much as you (or I) may moan about how one-note and stereotypical the show is, you're probably still going to tune in. I know I am.

I don't know about you, but that's mainly because I'm obsessed with rich people shows. I might not be able to afford a Dior scooter helmet (a real item I noticed in the trailer for season 2 of "Emily in Paris"), but I love watching actors wear that stuff. If there's a movie, show, or book about rich people gallivanting around doing rich people things, I will consume it. Sometimes that works out well for me and sometimes I get sucked into a garbage pile plastered with the Louis Vuitton logo. Basically, for every "Succession," there's an "Emily in Paris." For me, it's worth the trade-off, but only you can decide if you're ready for the rich girl reality of season 2.

2 Emily 2 Paris

And it looks like season 2 isn't switching the "Emily in Paris" formula up whatsoever. It looks like the will-they-won't-they relationship between Emily and her secret lover (and very taken man) Gabriel will keep on keeping on, it sounds like Emily's tough-love boss will keep being mean and French in delightful ways, and it looks like there will be a lot of lighthearted French montages. Cue the Eiffel Tower drone shots. 

Although, it does seem like season 2 will move away from the culture clashes that filled up so much of season 1. Based on the trailer alone, it looks like there will be less of a focus on how stereotypically American Emily is in this stereotypical version of France, and instead most of the drama and intrigue will be coming from her poor romantic decision-making. Which is fine. I really just want more shots of the aforementioned Dior scooter helmet. That's the rich people stuff I crave.

Emily in Paris will wander into Netflix queue near you on December 22, 2021.