Santa Inc. Trailer: Seth Rogen And Sarah Silverman Star And Folks Are Gonna Be Maaaad

The War on Christmas* is starting early this year, folks! Giant letters blasting "From the Creators of 'Sausage Party'" cover the screen, as if Santa dropping F-bombs and elves flashing green tiddies wasn't enough of a giveaway that this is not your typical Christmas show. HBO Max recently released the trailer for their raunchy new stop-motion holiday series, "Santa Inc." starring Seth Rogen as the big man himself, and Sarah Silverman as an elf named Candy Smalls with big dreams of becoming the first woman Santa Claus.

Let's not tiptoe around the mistletoe; this show is going to jostle the jollies of a lot of people. Less than a month ago, Silverman made headlines for calling out Hollywood's practice of casting non-Jewish actors to play famous Jewish people or caricatures of the Jewish community. It's only a matter of time until the faux-outrage begins from people who don't understand what it means to punch up, as Silverman and Rogen, who are both Jewish, are playing the leads in a Christmas series. Rogen's even playing Santa!

"More Americans believe in you than vaccines or the Holocaust," Candy says to the holly jolly Santa. "That's great!" says Santa. "I mean, disheartening for America, but great for us." This joke would be a lot funnier if it wasn't so painfully true, but it's a great way to let audiences know just what they're in for with "Santa Inc."

Santa Inc. Trailer

Looks like everyone's going to be on the naughty list this year as the stocking of "Santa Inc." is stuffed to the brim with vulgar language, drinking, sexual situations, drug use, and blue comedy. In addition to Rogen and Silverman, "Santa Inc." boasts a stellar voice cast including Gabourey Sidibe as Goldie, a bisexual reindeer on Santa's "B-team," Leslie Grossman as a boisterous and mouthy gingerbread woman named Cookie, Craig Robinson as Junior, the leader of the reindeer's "A-team," Nicholas Braun as Devin, the intern at Santa Inc., comedy genius Maria Bamford as both Mrs. Claus and Candy's mother, Big Candy, and Joel Kim Booster as a character named Jingle Jim. The Hanukkah-long series (that's eight episodes, folks) was written by Alexandra Rushfield ("Parks and Recreation," "Shrill") and produced by Rogen's Point Grey Pictures as part of their multi-platform partnership with Lionsgate.

Will Candy be christened the first female Santa? Or will she realize that falling into patriarchal stereotypes of toxic masculinity is no way to get ahead in life or Christmas? Tune in to "Santa Inc.," which starts streaming on HBO Max on December 2, 2022, to find out.

*The War on Christmas isn't real. Grow up, nerds.