Seth Rogen Is Starting A New Podcast Where His Famous And Not-Famous Friends Share Crazy Stories

Seth Rogen is selfish. There, I said it and I mean it, too. It's not enough that he's one of the most famous comedy stars in the business. Oh no. It's also not enough that he and Evan Goldberg are big-time producers of comic adaptations "The Boys" and "Preacher," or that he launched a successful cannabis business called Houseplant. Now he has to take over the podcast industry, too.

Coming next month, Rogen will be debuting a podcast called "Storytime With Seth Rogen" where he'll focus on an individual story from his guest. Sometimes those guests will be big names, sometimes they won't. It's the story itself that is important, not the fame of the storyteller.

Everyone Has A Story

Rogen believes everybody has at least one great story, and he's not wrong. If you've never interrogated your parents or grandparents, you're missing out. My mom was never famous, spent most of her life struggling as a single mother working foodservice and secretarial jobs to keep a roof over our heads, but my mind was blown when we really sat down and the crazy stories started flying. For instance, when she was a teenager she was penpals with a convicted murderer and even went to visit him on Death Row at San Quentin where she met other famous murderers like the Onion Field killer. 

What can I say? It was the '70s.

Everybody has a story. Life is crazy, and random shit happens to everybody, so the potential for this podcast is endless. Rogen says that not all the stories will be funny and that his aim for this is to create a kind of audio documentary that gives some of these stories a little bit of immortality.

Some of the celebrity names known to be involved with "Storytime with Seth Rogen" are Paul Rudd, David Crosby, and director Ava DuVernay. 

Children Inspired the Podcast

Rogen was interviewed by Vulture and said that this all came about because of children. Not his, he doesn't have any. But all of his friends are pumping out kids and that left Rogen trying to figure out what to do with the downtime that comes with his professional and friend circles having more familial responsibility. 

That resulted in his very entertaining autobiography called "Yearbook" which is pretty much the seed that became this podcast. That book is very much a series of stories from Seth Rogen's upbringing and career — which I guess is what all autobiographies are when you boil them down — and that got him thinking about these kinds of stories from other people.

The fact is, even if this podcast was just Seth Rogen lighting up a joint and riffing random stuff off the top of his head for an hour, it'd still be a must-listen. It's also nice that we'll get a podcaster with that last name that isn't blatantly anti-vaxx and eating horse dewormer by the fistful. 

Earwolf is producing the show, which will be released on October 6, 2021, via Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Pandora.