Kristen Stewart Reacts To The Spencer Oscar Buzz

Note: This article was originally published with the headline "Kristen Stewart Doesn't Care About The Spencer Oscar Buzz," based on Variety's own reporting that the actress responded to a question about Oscars buzz by saying, "I don't give a s***." Though she did say that, she did so in a jokey tone and later said she was "stoked" to be in contention for an Academy Award. The article has been updated to better reflect Stewart's response.

Kristen Stewart has come a long way since playing Bella Swan in the "Twilight" movies. The actress recently starred in the oceanic thriller "Underwater" and the lesbian Christmas rom-com "Happiest Season," plus she's making moves behind the camera on her first feature, "The Chronology of Water," and she's developing a gay ghost-hunting show. Somehow, Stewart also somehow found the time to star in "Spencer," Pablo Larraín's haunting glimpse into the private life of Princess Diana. 

Stewart's performance in "Spencer" is already getting rave reviews, and it's looking like she's going to be a major Oscar contender. When asked in an interview with Variety about her thoughts on possibly getting her first Academy Award nomination for her turn as the late Princess of Wales, Stewart joked, "I don't give a s***!" On a more sincere note, she said she was "stoked" about potentially entering the Oscars race — while also acknowledging some of the awards' shortcomings:

"The Oscars are such a funny thing. There are so many incredible movies and performances that barely get seen. It definitely says something about where we're at as a cumulative presence –- what we're looking at, what we care about. I really appreciate that something that I was involved in, has ignited such a large conversation. We don't make movies to not connect with each other."

'We don't make movies to not connect with each other'

Stewart is glad that something she's a part of is getting that kind of attention, but she also has a valid point about the incredible movies and performances that don't get seen. There are hundreds of independent and foreign films that go unnoticed by mainstream audiences and awards shows every year, while the same crop of favorites tend to get all of the attention. Art, like Stewart says, is about igniting conversations and connecting with one another, and that can be difficult when people are only paying attention to creators who are already famous.

It's looking likely that "Spencer" will be Stewart's first nomination of many. Her performance in "Personal Shopper" was woefully underseen, though she did at least get critical praise for her portrayal of a young woman haunted by the memory of her dead twin brother. "Spencer" is another intense performance of someone dealing with the ghosts of the past, and hopefully it will help open doors for her to get other big, challenging roles. Stewart is a phenomenal performer, and I can't wait to see what she does next.

"Spencer" is in theaters now.