Shang-Chi Deleted Scene Reveals One Character Was Originally Intended To Die

In comic books and the movies that adapt them, death is often never a sure thing. Characters are always coming back from the dead, whether it's because they faked their death or some other unbelievable circumstance. But sometimes, characters live when they weren't originally intended to, and that's exactly what happened with a certain supporting character in "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings." A deleted scene from the Marvel Studios movie reveals the original fate of Razor Fist (Florian Munteanu), which would have kept him from appearing in the post-credits scene and living to fight another day.

Shang-Chi Deleted Scene

IGN recently posted a deleted scene from "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings." The scene takes place during the third act of the film when Shang-Chi (Smiu Liu, who is hosting "SNL" this weekend), Xialing (Meng'er Zhang), and Katy (Awkwafina) have ventured into the mystical village of Ta Lo to stop their estranged father Wenwu (Tony Leung) from opening the Dark Gate to the Dweller-in-Darkness' world. 

When Razor Fist sees what Wenwu has unleashed, he decides to fight against his boss and stop the Dweller-in-Darkness, swapping out his own arm blade for one made in Ta Lo, giving him the advantage over the dangerous creatures there. But like Katy, he's also a bit fearful of what they're facing. When he notices this, he takes a moment to encourage and bond with her. Razor Fist tells Katy:

 "I'm an amputee from Romania who shouldn't be here either. But I've seen you drive and shoot better than most men in my army. Right now, the only thing that matters is stopping that monster."

After that pep talk, Katy tells Razor First she needs a stray bow lying in the battlefield. He courageously runs out to get it, slicing through several winged monsters in the process. But after he throws the bow to Katy, he's overtaken by several of the creatures and meets his end.

Thankfully, this scene was left on the cutting room floor, and Razor Fist survived. Perhaps the scene was cut as a result of the character being wanted for the post-credits scene where he's now the right-hand man of Xialing, who has taken over the Ten Rings organization. Or maybe it was the scene being cut from the movie that allowed him to be included in that post-credits scene. Either way, Razor Fist will still be kicking around the MCU for at least a little while longer. We're hoping that elsewhere in the MCU has seen the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" character Taserface survive his brush with death so that he and Razor Fist can potentially meet one day.

In case you didn't know, "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" is available on Disney+ right now.