MGM's Road House Reboot May Be Back In Business With Jake Gyllenhaal And Doug Liman In Talks

Slam a shot or two and put your fists up, "Road House" is back in the minds and hearts of some Hollywood execs and they're trying to make its long-forgotten reboot a reality. The last time we wrote about a "Road House" reboot was way back in 2015 when former UFC fighter Ronda Rousey was going to take on Patrick Swayze's career-defining role as a rough and tumble cooler with a heart of gold. 

That clearly didn't happen, but the tables have turned (or flipped?) and the reboot feels more real than ever now that Jake Gyllenhaal and Doug Liman are vaguely attached to film. Will anyone be able to recreate the lightning in a bottle that was the original "Road House"? Probably not. Will it make for a fantastic, and probably dangerous drinking game? Probably yes.

Back to the Double Deuce

And while we're here, we should fill you in on the plot of "Road House," because it's truly insane in the best way. 

As we mentioned earlier, Swayze plays a charismatic cooler, but his role at the Double Deuce bar is so much more than that. Swayze's character, Dalton, cleans up the divy, dangerous bar so effectively that, in a cute metaphor for personal growth, it blossoms into a legitimately nice establishment that no longer needs to keep its bands locked in a cage, safe from the unruly crowd. As Dalton cleans up shop (and does tai chi for some reason), he fires a few folks with connections to a corrupt local businessman and ends up having to defend the entire town from his cruel ways. He also falls in love with a local doctor, because why not? Also, did I mention his bouncer mentor is Sam Elliott? There's truly so much going on in this film, including multiple explosions, more bar fights than you can shake a pool cue at, and so much more.

Some hardcore "Road House" fans might be riled up by the news of another possible reboot, but they don't have much to worry about ... Yet. This remake could still get bounced right out of Hollywood just like the Rousey version. Gyllenhaal and Liman are in talks to act and direct the movie, respectively, but neither has been confirmed. We can't even say for sure if Gyllenhaal would be taking on Swayze's role as Dalton, or if he's playing another character. He may even be cast in an entirely new role just for the reboot. On top of that, both Gyllenhaal and Liman are in the middle of different projects right now, so even if they were close to officially joining "Road House," production would still be a long way off.

That being said, if there's one crowd of people I wouldn't want to make angry, it would be "Road House" fans. If anyone knows how to take a punch a keep on swinging, it would be them.