Locke & Key Season 2 Ending Explained

The second season of "Locke & Key," the Netflix show based on the comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, has just dropped on the streaming platform. The series continues to focus on the Locke family, the keys that give its wielders different magical abilities, and the demon named Dodge who wants them for nefarious purposes.

Season 2 ended with many things resolved and other things unleashed for the already-shot third season of the show. Read on for a spoiler-full discussion of what happened at the end of the second season, and what that potentially means for season 3.

The Lockes vs. Dodge

The final episode of the season had the Kinsey Locke (Emilia Jones), her brother Tyler (Connor Jessup), her Uncle Duncan (Aaron Ashmore), and her friend Scot (Petrice Jones) heading to the very fancy, very modern cliff-side house where Dodge/Gabe (Griffin Gluck) was residing with the minions he created with the newly minted Demon Key.

Gabe wants Kinsey to join his ranks, but wants her to do so willingly, and has threatened to kill her mom (Darby Stanchfield) to convince her. The Lockes and Scot attack, and Kinsey throws herself over the side of the cliff to distract Gabe while the others try to get the Demon Key. Kinsey ends up all right because she's able to fly with the Angel Key, and eventually comes back to join the fray. 

When the others try to get the Demon Key, Duncan realizes he can control Gabe's minions since he was the one who forged (under duress) the Demon Key. His control of them turns the tide, and Tyler uses the Alpha Key on Gabe/Dodge, which kills the demon and leaves behind Lucas, the teenaged friend of the Locke kids' dad who was possessed by Dodge decades ago. Lucas didn't die like Tyler's girlfriend did, it seems, because he is an echo (AKA, a ghost) created by the well near Keyhouse.

Ellie is Back and De-Dodgified

The last episode also brought back Ellie (Sherri Saum). In season 1, Ellie was made to look like Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira) when the real Dodge used the Identity Key to make Ellie her identical twin. It was Ellie, not Dodge, the Locke kids threw through the Black Door at the end of that season, and the end of this season brings Ellie back through the door, where the Lockes turn her back to her original state using the Identity Key that Lucas turned over.

The Memory Key Is Used By Some, But Not All

One of the last scenes has Bode using the Memory Key on his mom, which will make her finally able to remember magic. She and Duncan are now the two remaining adults who can remember seeing magical things. Tyler, however, chooses not to use the Memory Key even though he's close to turning 18. The death of his girlfriend (and everything else) was too much for him, and he wants to move on with his life. 

Dodge Seems to Be Gone, But We've Got a New Big Bad for Season 3

Dodge is seemingly vanquished by the end of season 2, but the other demon that infected Eden (Hallea Jones) is still around. She goes to the well at Keyhouse and uses the Echo Key to bring back the British soldier Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand), who was infected by a demon way back during the 1700s. He was hanged for his atrocities, but Eden wants a demon pal to help her wreak havoc.

That demon seems like a really bad one based on Eden's reaction to meeting him. Once she uses the Anywhere Key to give him an escape from the wellhouse, he promptly throws her down the well and presumably kills her. 

Gideon is now free in Matheson and will be up to no good when the third season rolls around. How exactly will Gideon try to bring other demons into the world and unleash hell on Earth? We'll have to wait until season 3 drops to find out, but in the meantime, the first two seasons of "Locke & Key" are streaming on Netflix.