The Office LEGO Set Officially Approved For Release From LEGO Ideas Fan Creation

If you're a fan of "The Office," and you love building LEGO sets, we have the best news you could possibly imagine. Today, LEGO officially announced plans to release "The Office" LEGO playset that recreates the offices of Dunder-Mifflin, your favorite Northeastern Pennsylvania-based mid-size paper company. After having numerous LEGO playsets for "The Office" submitted to the fan created LEGO Ideas portal, the executives as LEGO finally approved one for production, and it will be chock full of Easter eggs that fans will love. 

The Office LEGO Set

Above is "The Office" LEGO set, created by master builder Jaijai Lewis for LEGO Ideas. The LEGO Ideas community hub allows fans to submit custom creations for consideration to be turned into official LEGO sets after they've reached 10,000 votes from LEGO Ideas fans. Jaijai Lewis submitted a LEGO set for the offices of Dunder-Mifflin twice before, starting all the way back in 2014, but both were rejected. However, Lewis didn't want to give up, and the third time was the charm. 

Aside from the meticulous recreation of the Dunder-Mifflin offices, Lewis also included the entire cast of "The Office" as minifigures. Here are his designs:

However, it should be noted that the above images will not necessarily be how the final LEGO set looks. There are usually some changes between the custom LEGO Ideas sets and the official LEGO playsets that come from them. We're hoping that LEGO isn't intending to leave out any of these minifigures, though we hope that some of them have improved facial designs that actually resemble the show's stars a little bit more.

Furthermore, there are a lot of references to fan favorite moments from "The Office." From Dwight's staple being encased in Jell-O to Kevin spilling his famous chili. Plus, if all goes well, you'll be able to have many meetings in the conference room, complete with the TV featuring the DVD screen saver that all the employees can't help but watch carefully. One of Angela's cats can be seen hiding in the file cabinets, and there's a cute little Dundie sitting on Michael's desk too.

Again, there's no guarantee that everything pictured makes it into the final version of "The Office" LEGO set, but if it turns out anything like the LEGO playsets released for "Friends" and "Seinfeld," then this should be a carefully designed set with plenty of details for fans to enjoy. There's no word on when this set will be officially released, but we'll let you know as soon as more information is available.