Cool Stuff: New 'Friends' Apartments LEGO Set Is Packed With Tons Of Series References

After previously releasing a LEGO set of the famous Friends coffee shop Central Perk, the building brick company is making an even bigger playset inspired by the hit NBC sitcom that practically defined the 1990s.

LEGO has announced the forthcoming arrival of a Friends apartment LEGO set, featuring both Rachel and Monica's apartment and Joey and Chandler's apartment, as well as the little hallway in-between them and the balcony where they spied on the naked guy. It's packed with tons of references to some of your most favorite episodes, and it comes with an entirely new set of minifigures of the show's cast, and even a bonus character (but you're not going to be happy to see her). Check it out below!

Friends Apartments LEGO Set

Friends Apartments LEGO SetAnderson Ward Grubb, LEGO Set Designer commented on the set in a press release:

"We worked directly from production photos of the set as well as watching and re-watching a lot of episodes so we could capture as many iconic moments as possible. One fun challenge was figuring out how to represent some aspects that change over the course of the show that appear in some episodes and not in others.  I am looking forward to seeing if the eagle-eyed fans will spot them."

From the Magna-Doodle on Joey and Chandler's door to Phoebe's terrifying painting "Gladys," the Friends apartments LEGO set is chock full of fun references. You'll also find a turkey that fits on Monica's head, Phoebe's dollhouse that burnt down, the famous canoe that Joey and Chandler used for furniture.

Even the minifigures reference certain episodes.

Friends Apartments LEGO Set

Rachel is wearing that famous plaid skirt, Ross is in his extremely tight leather pants, Monica is cooking this up in an apron, Phoebe just has a classic floral look, Chandler is wearing a hideous tie with his suit, and Joey is wearing all of Chandler's clothes.

But that's not all, because there are a few other characters joining the mix:

Friends Apartments LEGO Set

Fans will also be able to situate Joey and Chandler's goose and duck around the apartment. And you can make everyone uncomfortable by bringing Chandler's ex-girlfriend Janice into the equation, wearing a gaudy cheetah outfit.

But perhaps the coolest detail of all is that you can lift up the living room areas of each apartment and swap them to recreate the episodes where Joey and Chandler switched apartments with Monica and Rachel. The rugs underneath the furniture pop up out of the set and fit in both of the apartments. That's just a great toy design.

Now for the bad news: the Friends apartments LEGO set will cost $149.99. That's not too bad when you consider it's a heft 2,048-piece set that's perfectly representative of the iconic series, but it's still a salty price tag for a toy. LEGO VIP members can order it starting on May 19 and everyone else will be able to get it from The LEGO Shop online and LEGO Stores starting on June 1.