Halloween Ends Will Feature A Four-Year Time Jump

Warning: this post contains massive spoilers for "Halloween Kills." Proceed with caution.

With "Halloween Kills" now in theaters and streaming on Peacock, the eyes of horror fans are focused on the next entry in the franchise, "Halloween Ends." As the name implies, the sequel will conclude this iteration of the enduring slasher series, which has been spearheaded by director David Gordon Green. Now, the filmmaker has revealed that the next installment will make a four-year leap ahead in time.

Green recently spoke with Fandom in honor of "Halloween Kills" being released. Not for nothing, but the movie absolutely crushed at the box office in its debut, despite also being available on Peacock. Looking ahead, Green explained that they are going to move the action forward next time around:

"We're jumping time a little bit in [Halloween Ends] but part of what we're exploring is how Laurie and a few of our characters have processed those years between Halloween 2018 and that night's events and tragedies to Halloween 2022 [tracing the journey] to where they will come to fruition in their psychological aftermath."

Both 2018's "Halloween" and the recently released sequel took place on the same night, with Michael Myers going on one heck of a record-setting killing spree in Haddonfield. But that was enough action for the Boogeyman for one night, and it appears he's going to take it easy for a few years to gather his strength for one final confrontation with Jame Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode.

Four Years Later...

As for what the next movie will be about? That is left a bit more mysterious for the time being. However, Green did touch on some of what we can expect. Specifically, that Andi Matichak's Allyson will be a focal point. And this makes sense, given that Michael has now killed both of her parents and her boyfriend. She's arguably got a bigger grudge with Michael now than even Laurie does. Green said the following:

"That's exactly what 'Halloween Ends' [explores] — the core of that story is [Allyson's] considerations and psychology."

There is no word yet on when, precisely, production will begin, though it seems likely that Blumhouse and Universal won't wait too long to get things going. Aside from Curtis and Matichak, no casting has been confirmed for the sequel, but Anthony Michael Hall did recently express that he would be game to come back as Tommy Doyle, assuming he survived the conclusion of "Halloween Kills." Stranger things have happened.

"Halloween Ends" is currently set to hit theaters on October 14, 2022.