Congratulations To Michael Myers For Achieving A Personal Best Murder Score In Halloween Kills

"Halloween Kills" may be getting sliced and diced by critics, earning a 39% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, but that didn't stop the movie from topping the box office this past weekend with a whopping $50 million opening weekend, in spite of being simultaneously released for streaming on Peacock. In fact, the latest "Halloween" sequel (which isn't all bad) ushered in another big number for the franchise, and it's Michael Myers who deserves the congratulations.

"Halloween Kills" has the highest death count of any film in the "Halloween" franchise. Though not everyone dies at the hands of Michael Myers, the masked killer still achieved a personal best in the number of kills executed in the film, and it's enough to set the record for the most kills at the hands of any slasher in mainstream horror movie history.

Michael Myers: Murder Champ (of all places) pointed out the record-setting murder count achieved by "Halloween Kills," with most of the kills coming from Michael Myers himself. The film shows 30 people being killed in the film, and 25 of them are confirmed to die at the hands of Michael Myers. Not only is that enough to beat out any of the "Halloween" movies, with the next closest being "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers" with 17 kills (and we're not counting the "Halloween" remake's 18 kills in 2007). 

Even more impressive is Michael Myers' new personal best is also several bodies ahead of the rest of the contenders. The closest to the new record is Victor Crowley's 22 kills from "Hatchet III." However, that falls a little outside of mainstream horror, so the next most murderous is 22 kills by Jigsaw in "Saw 3D," followed by 21 kills by Jason Vorhees in "Jason X." It's the "Friday the 13th" slasher who has the most consistently high kill count, but Michael Myers isn't far behind, and he's now the murder champ.

Even though "Halloween Kills" is a little messy and clumsy in executing the not so subtle thematic elements, the kills are some of the most gory and inventive that we've ever seen from Michael Myers. A firefighter massacre is particularly gruesome, and without spoiling anything specific, let's just say the third act is where the most murderous Michael Myers is unleashed. In fact, it's possible that Myers killed more than 25 people since it's hard to account for the true body count in the conclusion's killing spree.

Is there a chance "Halloween Ends" will eclipse all of these? More than likely we're looking at a final showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, but usually some stupid people always end up getting in the way. Hell, in "Halloween Kills," most of the victims intentionally put themselves in the path of Michael Myers.

"Halloween Kills" is playing in theaters now, and it's also available to stream on the premium version of Peacock. "Halloween Ends" is slated to arrive in theaters on October 14, 2022.